Qualcomm is a world leader in wireless technologies, from mobile devices and components to the content they deliver and the networks that connect them.

“Across each of our business units, the ICC and Informatica are helping to reduce data integration time by up to 70 percent. That makes a huge difference right across the business: from how quickly we make decisions, to how fast R&D can develop new solutions, to how quickly we respond to our customers' needs.”

David Bonnet

Technical Lead, Qualcomm
Business Need
  • Innovate wireless device, service and network solutions that converge communication and computing platforms into a seamless mobile broadband experience.
  • Speed product development and reduce time-to-market for new technology.
  • Enhance customer service and operational efficiency.
  • Align people, technology, policies and best practices to facilitate the rapid and cost-effective deployment of data integration projects across all LOBs.
  • Reduce the time it takes to integrate data of large volume and variety from multiple sources.
Solutions & Results
  • Lowered the time required to load and parse large files from 20 days to 24 hours, shortening development time.
  • Reduced integration time for a particular messaging hub from three hours to three minutes
  • Provided a single data integration platform as part of an ICC to access, discover and integrate data from any system and format.
  • Improved operational efficiency and enhanced competitive advantage.

Products & Services

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

Informatica PowerExchange

Accesses mission-critical data and delivers it throughout the enterprise wherever it’s needed, on any schedule.

Informatica PowerExchange for Oracle eBusiness


Informatica Metadata Manager

Empowers IT to search, manage, and view metadata in a data integration environment.

Success Stories

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