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Data Empowerment Experts Webinar Series

Data governance and privacy leaders share real-world advice and lessons learned

Data empowerment: What does it mean?

Data governance programs and teams survive and succeed by ensuring that the line of business owners can trust their data. This means providing policies and procedures that hold data to a high standard of quality, reliability, and accessibility. By doing so, governance teams empower the rest of their organization to succeed with their business initiatives and deliver tangible, measurable value through use of trusted, well-governed data.



Data Empowerment Experts Webinars: Watch, learn, and get inspired

Our Informatica Data Empowerment Experts webinar series will introduce you to a community of data governance leaders who have been where you are now: tackling governance and privacy challenges head-on. You’ll hear directly from customers and industry experts as they share valuable lessons learned while building and expanding their programs.

Each month we will add new stories aimed at supporting your success and inspiring your data governance and privacy efforts. Check back often for the newest updates!

Episode 1: L.A. Care Health Plan

Best practices for getting started with data governance.

Episode 2: FIS

Managing culture change for governance success.

Episode 3: New York Life Insurance

How to scale governance quickly through automation.


Episode 4: Genworth Financial

Learning to see data
as a growth asset.


Episode 5: Invesco

Deriving data-driven decisions
from data lakes.


Episode 6: UNC Health

Scaling up enterprise data governance from scratch.


Episode 7: Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Accelerating organizational value with trusted data.


Episode 8: Deutsche Leasing

Creating a collaborative data strategy.


Episode 9: UK Department for Education

Delivering actionable compliance and productivity gains.


Episode 10: Eli Lilly

Scaling business adoption of data governance.


Episode 11: State Farm

Enabling digital transformation through governance.


Episode 12: McGraw-Hill Education

Designing a Governance Center of Excellence


Episode 13: Bristol
Myers Squibb

Enablement Through Data Literacy

Episode 14: Charter Communications

Data Privacy as a Catalyst for Value

Episode 15: Highmark Health

Trusted data fuels great customer experiences

Episode 16: Kelly Services

Establishing global standards in a dynamic environment

Episode 17: Medtronic

Trusted Data Fueling Informed Decisions to Innovation

Explore the Data Empowerment Experts episodes 

Episode 1: Navigating L.A. Care Health Plan’s Data Governance Odyssey

Paul Keller
Senior Director, Enterprise Data Governance
Gary Georges
Data Governance Program Manager

What’s the best first step in your data governance journey? At L.A. Care, the largest health plan in the U.S., Senior Director of Enterprise Data Governance Paul Keller and his team faced this same question.

In this webinar, Paul and Gary Georges, Data Governance Program Manager, will talk about their experience building out an enterprise data governance program that identified their issues up front, planned how to tackle each one as efficiently as possible, and defined KPIs to measure success.

Episode 2: Keeping Up with the Chaos: The Evolution of Data Governance at FIS

Alexis Suer
Leader, Global Big Data Governance

Changing corporate culture and employee behavior is a key part of maintaining data governance—but can easily become your biggest hurdle to success. In our webinar, you’ll get expert advice on how to maintain momentum in the face of major culture change from Alexis Suer, Leader for Global Big Data Governance at FIS.

Alexis has over a decade of experience implementing grassroots and formal data governance programs across diverse industries such as retail, banking, and financial services. Alexis’ focus on standing up data governance programs has given her immense first-hand knowledge in “what works and what doesn’t work” for building a sustainable Data Governance program and garnering stakeholder buy-in.

Episode 3: The Data Governance and Privacy Journey of New York Life Insurance

Blake Andrews
Corporate Vice President of Data Governance Capabilities and Delivery

How do you best align technology to your data governance framework? Capitalizing on automation can help you scale quickly, as New York Life Insurance discovered on its data governance and privacy journey.

Blake Andrews, Corporate Vice President for Data Governance Capabilities & Delivery at New York Life, will share lessons he learned while serving as the lead for data governance tools selection, procurement, and implementation during the rollout of New York Life’s governance program. Blake has a unique perspective developed during his time in both business- and tech-oriented data management and governance roles: an accountant by training, he also worked as a consultant with KPMG and spent time in the energy sector leading a data management and governance program for Denbury Resources.

Episode 4: Genworth Financial Turns Data from Byproduct to High-Value Asset with Governance

Photo of Christopher Corrigan from Genworth
Christopher Corrigan
Data Governance Leader, Genworth Financial

Data governance isn’t just about bringing low-quality or low-value data up to enterprise standards. It gives you valuable insights about how your organization uses and values its data—insights you can use to improve governance to support better decision making.

Christopher Corrigan, Data Governance Leader at Genworth Financial, will share his experience with shifting Genworth’s perception of data to view it as a growth asset. This includes advice on how to approach critical data-related issues like goals, roles, policy, and data literacy as well as why data-driven culture is key to a successful governance program.

Episode 5: Data Lakes and Data Governance Drive Better Decision-Making at Invesco

Rick Turnock
Global Head of Enterprise Data Services

When Invesco began their transformation into a data-centric organization, the Enterprise Data Services team knew that the ability to make good decisions relied on well-governed data. They needed to consistently deliver governed data to their data consumers so those same individuals could trust the data, analyze it, and be empowered to deliver value.

Join Rick Turnock, Global Head of Enterprise Data Services, as he discusses Invesco’s transition from data warehouses to a cloud data lake and why a foundation of data governance was essential for their initiative. You’ll also learn about the need for data quality when becoming a data-driven organization, and how regulations like GDPR and CCPA shaped Invesco’s strategy.

Episode 6: How UNC Health Built a Data Governance Program from Scratch

Rachini Moosavi
Executive Director of Analytical Services & Data Governance
Sonya Jordan
Enterprise Analytics Manager, Data Governance

Is your enterprise data governance program doomed to fail without an executive sponsor? Not if you have grassroots momentum to build it from the bottom up.

Learn how UNC Health started small, established a data governance foundation, and worked to change the perception of governance from a restrictive process to a supportive one. Two governance leaders from UNC Health, Rachini Moosavi, Executive Director of Analytical Services & Data Governance, and Sonya Jordan, Enterprise Analytics Manager, Data Governance, provide a real-world perspective on scaling governance—plus a lively Q&A about hot topics in governance.

Episode 7: Making Trusted Data More Accessible and Understandable at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency in the UK

Kris Marshall
Head of Data

Getting the right data into the right hands quickly makes the difference for the team at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which oversees the safe operation of more than 40 million vehicles in the UK. That wasn’t always the case, however. The DVSA team knew that to empower their organization, they needed to make trusted data easier to discover, understand, and analyze so it could fuel their data-driven decisions.

Join Kris Marshall, the Head of Data at the DVSA, as he shares how they identified their data-related issues and collaborated on solutions. As part of their journey, the team reduced the time and effort needed to identify risk factors, utilized AI to improve data quality, and built a foundation for a successful master data management initiative.

Episode 8: Deutsche Leasing Creates a Collaborative Data Strategy

speaker_alexander -khrebtishchev
Moritz Schlee
Senior IT Project Manager
Alexander Khrebtishchev
Head of Global Reporting

For modern data leaders, the key to maintaining data governance momentum is to be seen as a collaboration center, not a control point. You need a handshake between business and IT leaders to agree on the best policies, procedures, and processes to scale across the enterprise.

Deutsche Leasing achieved this partnership—and it helped make their data governance initiative a success. Join leaders from both the business and IT teams at Deutsche Leasing as they share how they partnered, what they learned, and their vision for ensuring data is trusted as a strategic asset.

Episode 9: UK Department for Education Delivers Actionable Compliance and Productivity Gains

JP Bhamu
Head of Data Governance

At the UK Department for Education, data governance is all about delivering practical and tangible solutions that enable comprehensive GDPR compliance and allow every data user to easily visualize and find trusted data from across all the Department’s data holdings.

Join Jai (JP) Bhamu, Head of Data Governance, and learn how his team is navigating the challenges of setting up enterprise-wide data governance including building policies/processes, updating the operating model, and delivering an integrated data governance platform for use across the Department. JP will share his fast-paced delivery approach refined by over 25 years of experience in setting up and transforming large data and analytics divisions across different geographies and industries.

Episode 10: Scaling Business Adoption of Data Governance at Eli Lilly

Steve Patterson
Service Delivery Manager and Architect,
Master Data and Metadata Management
Dana Mitchell
Global Commercial Data Governance Lead

When you’re launching and scaling an enterprise data governance program, one of the biggest issues is getting everyone swimming in the same direction. Learn how pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly promoted enthusiastic business adoption to help their five-year data governance and metadata journey succeed.

Episode 11: State Farm Enables Digital Transformation Through Governance

Meghan Goldfarb
Director, Enterprise Technology
Michelle Wicklander
Manager, Enterprise Technology
Becky Zastrow
Manager, Enterprise Data & Analytics

State Farm empowers its business and technical data consumers with tooling to achieve a common understanding of data, establish stewardship, and drive data quality to improve data-driven decisions. Learn how the team at State Farm has increased compliance to data policies, reduced organizational risk, and reduced cost and complexity, and the lessons learned along the way.

Episode 12: Operationalizing a Governance Center of Excellence at McGraw-Hill Education

Roberta Pape
Director, Data Governance

Enabling trusted decisions requires trusted data. Without information that is accessible, understood and of high-quality, business leaders can’t expect consistent results. But developing a framework that can deliver trusted data time and time again isn’t simple and it requires attention to be valuable and maintain momentum. For McGraw-Hill Education, one of our earliest data governance customers, developing a center-of-excellence around quality, governance and analytics was essential. Watch as we explain the framework that’s needed for data governance to succeed, the solutions that benefited each of their working groups, and how accurate analytics from trusted data has delivered business value.

Episode 13: Educating and Enabling – How Data Literacy provides Trust and Understanding for Bristol Myers Squibb

Angela Radcliffe
Head, Data Governance & Stewardship, Enterprise Data Governance and Data Management Certification

Business value creation exists at the crossroads of building trust in your data and your ability to deliver that data to those that need it. To be effective, you’ll need a deep focus on enablement through data literacy. You’ll also need a healthy data ecosystem – one that brings together data governance, data management health, and education and enablement. It’s at this intersection of these three areas that the Bristol Myers Squibb data empowerment story begins.
Join us for this webinar to learn how data governance removes friction for the business and improves agility of decision making, how data health management provides a pragmatic approach to data risk management by design and how data democratization ensures every employee has the literacy, tools and desire to treat data as a valued asset.

Episode 14: Generating More Business Value with Data Privacy Governance at Charter Communications

Jonathan L. Andrews
Senior Director, IT Information Governance

One of the biggest concerns for data professionals focusing on empowering their organizations with trusted data is the increase of data privacy regulations. With the rise in regulations so too is the rise in organizational risk with non-compliance. However, great data empowerment experts know that this risk doesn’t have to be an impediment but rather an opportunity for success. With a focus on governing information to comply with regulations comes a long-tail list of benefits that all circle back to providing your team with trust.
Join us for this second episode, season two, of the Data Empowerment Experts series. We’ll be joined by Jonathan Andrews, Senior Director, IT Information Governance at Charter Communications, to discuss how regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA provide you information governance benefits, such as a full data taxonomy and a connected, detailed lineage of your data.

Episode 15: Creating a Remarkable Health Experience Through Governance at Highmark Health

Anthony Roscoe
Director of Enterprise Data Governance

Mergers and acquisitions can create an opportunity for major growth and encourage efficiencies. They also can generate data management challenges as multiple data landscapes collide together. For Highmark Health, this scenario pointed to the need for an enterprise data governance program to foster collaboration and facilitate consistency. Through their data-driven digital transformation, the team at Highmark Health is on a mission to provide remarkable experiences to their clients, with data at the heart of their quest. In this webinar, learn how their data platform has enabled their data governance program to provide trusted, valuable experiences with data. If your organization has gone through an acquisition or merger, this story will resonate with you as the Highmark Health team shares how their philosophy to focus on their customers empowered their teams to be remarkable.

Episode 16: Setting a New Standard with Data Governance at Kelly Services

Mark Hemingway
Director of Technology, Product & Analytics Strategy

Transformation over the years is inevitable. Those that don’t evolve simply fall behind. For one of the oldest recruiting firms in the world, Kelly Services, ensuring that they could pivot from being generalists to specialists meant turning to their data for answers. For data to add clarity instead of confusion, however, it must be governed. In this webinar, you’ll hear how Kelly Services’ data needed to be evaluated, new collaborative processes needed to be established, and how standardization was critical. All the while, flexibility remained a constant concern. Mark will share their experiences to balance disparate business priorities to discover success. This is a can’t miss episode for anyone going through a digital transformation and turning to data for answers.

Episode 17: From Informed Decisions to Innovation: How Medtronic Leverages Governance as a Foundation of Trust

Greg Baumhauer
Global Data Governance Lead

Are there two more common questions in the world of data governance than, “Where can I find this data?” and “What does it mean?”? Whether you are fueling innovation or helping your team make informed decisions, as a data governance leader, the answers to these questions are core to the value you deliver to your organization.
During this episode, you’ll hear from Greg Baumhauer, Global Data Governance Lead at Medtronic, as he shares how a foundation of data governance fuels their business for success. Greg will share how making data quicker to locate and easier to understand has helped his teams to not only make more informed, data-driven decisions, but also has fueled innovation. As a leader in cutting-edge medical devices, his team helps to deliver the data needed to make medical advancements possible through AI automation to benefit physicians and ultimately patients’ health. Throughout the webinar, he’ll focus on the data governance best practices that have made it possible to provide a center of truth in their efforts to save lives.

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