Informatica DaaS/DQC Logins

DQC (AddressDoctor)

Self-service address checking lets you correct international address data at any time plus user administration for Informatica AddressVerification (AddressDoctor) Cloud. Login to see number of remaining transactions (purchase transactions only).

DaaS Account (StrikeIron)

Access to the customer portal for all other data quality and data enrichment DaaS services. This allows you to manage your subscriptions to Email Verification Plus Hygiene, Phone Number Validation, Business Data Enrichment, Reverse Phone and Address Append, and many more.

DaaS Partners

Informatica Data as a Service can help you quickly and easily integrate our data verification services directly into your technology. With more than 60 partners around the world, contact us today to learn how you can improve the quality of your client’s data in your systems or become a reseller of our services.