PowerExchange Connectors

Get out-of-the-box, high-performance connectivity to all enterprise data, and avoid the high cost of hand coding.


Key Features

Access and deliver all enterprise data, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Databases and data warehouses

Connectors for Databases and Data Warehouses provide access to all major enterprise database systems and data warehousing environments.

Enterprise applications

Access to all major enterprise and packaged applications, whether they are on premises, outsourced, or hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS).


Connectors for Hadoop provide access to support data-intensive distributed applications.


Connectors for Mainframes provide access to enterprise data housed on z/OS and z/Linux in popular relational and pre-relational systems.

Messaging systems

Connectors for Messaging Systems provide access to the message-oriented middleware (MOM) used in many high-performance, event-driven, and enterprise application integration (EAI) architectures.

Midrange systems

Connectors for Midrange Systems provide access to enterprise data stored on i, i5/OS, and OS/400 systems.

Social media networks

Connectors provide access to data from popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Technology standards

Connectors for Technology Standards provide access to data via industry-wide technology standards, such as email, LDAP, and Web services.


Add-on Packages

PowerExchange for Change Data Capture

Capture data changes as they occur—and deliver the freshest data to your business.

Customer Success Stories

ACH Food Companies

ACH Food saved $3 million in data migration costs with Informatica products

BNSF Railway Company

Using Informatica PowerCenter, BNSF securely and efficiently integrated its mainframe resident, disparate operational data repositories

Illinois State University

Illinois State University relies on Informatica to standardize data analytics that enrich students’ experiences and promote academic achievement

Businesses rely on Informatica PowerCenter to accelerate business value delivery. Watch now to learn how we can help you integrate any data, in any format, for all your business projects. 

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