Data Privacy Management: De-risk your data

Automate data privacy governance to protect sensitive data and use secure data with confidence.

Enable transparency and secure sensitive data

Discover data, assess risks and monitor access to automate protection, transparency and response in one integrated solution.

Promote transparency
Discover and classify sensitive data, map it to data subjects and track exposure.
Mitigate privacy risks
Automate and measure compliance with multifactor risk scoring to save time and cost.
Monitor vital activities
Identify suspicious activity and policy violations, send alerts and remediate risk exposure.

Protect private data from prying eyes

Govern data privacy to secure sensitive data and reduce data exposure risks.

Gain visibility into sensitive data
Discover, classify, analyze and understand sensitive data to help assess privacy impact.

Support regulatory compliance
Identify risk exposure and respond to DSAR inquiries with transparency into use.

Protect personal and sensitive data
Automate data masking and integrate with third-party workflows for risk remediation.

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Uncover six easy steps to intelligent data privacy

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Solution Brief


Intelligent Data Privacy Governance

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Six Steps to Data Privacy Governance

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Best Practices to Adopt and Drive Privacy Governance

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Data Privacy for Dummies

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Reduce your company’s risk of data exposure

Start on the path to achieving intelligent data privacy today.

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