Data Privacy

Discover, analyze, and remediate data risk with automated controls.

As organizations embark on digital transformation, there is a clear need for data privacy and protection. New and expanded data privacy laws with growing enforcement of user rights for appropriate data use are a challenge for today’s enterprises, which have more data, more applications, and more locations than ever before.

The Informatica Data Privacy portfolio helps organizations protect their data in a constantly changing environment. Our data privacy solutions are designed to help you discover personal and sensitive data, understand data movement, link identities, analyze risk, and remediate problems with AI-driven automation.



Benefits of Informatica Intelligent Data Privacy

Discover, classify, and analyze sensitive data

Gain visibility across available data platforms and types to better understand risk exposure.

Map identities to data

Index, inventory, and look up data subjects and identities for transparency into access and use.

Analyze and track data risk

Perform continuous risk analysis of personal and sensitive data exposure.

Protect data, respond to access requests, and monitor activity for risk remediation

Protect data from unauthorized access and manage data subject access requests with automated orchestration.

Addressing Privacy Compliance Risk

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), along with other state, global, and legacy mandates, can impose significant penalties on organizations that fail to protect data and respond to subject access rights for appropriate use. Organizations need to understand their data privacy risks and operationalize controls to reduce unauthorized disclosure of consumers’ private information.

Informatica Intelligent Data Privacy helps you generate a complete understanding of your sensitive data and its risk exposure to enable compliance with privacy policies and laws. With this insight, you can also monitor for suspicious activity and unauthorized data access or transfers, raise alerts about suspect activities, and remediate with security controls such as data masking and access reporting.

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Awards and Recognition

Info Security Products Guide named Informatica a Grand Winner in the 2018 Global Excellence Awards.


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