Deliver Single View of Business-Critical Data

Provide a trusted view of all data to ensure that  decisions and processes leverage the best available information. 

The FDA's MDM Journey: A 360 View of the Global Drug Supply Chain

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As differing organizations contend with digital transformation, common themes are emerging: The growth in the number and type of customer touch points, applications, regulations, big data sources, and the IoT makes the capture and management of a single, trusted view of business-critical information and relationship knowledge more challenging—and more important—than ever before. With hundreds of source systems and countless purpose-built applications distributed across the organization’s data ecosystem, both on-premises as well as in the cloud, they are hindered in their ability to drive actionable insights by data fragmentation. 


Automating insights

Automating the sorting of customer, product, supplier, location, and other data—while simultaneously removing inconsistencies and redundancies—fuels insights by revealing the meaningful relationships that matter. The data provides a single view of the customer that fuels targeted marketing, cross-selling and up-selling, customer lifetime analysis, churn reduction and more. 

Only end-to-end solution

Informatica Master Data Management is the only end-to-end MDM solution on the market that boasts a flexible framework to support any type of data domains and any relationships across them. It manages any data of any type from any source to ensure all the data at your company’s disposal is high quality, integrates easily into multiple business processes, and delivers meaningful insight. It connects transaction, interaction, and IoT data as well as third-party supplemental data to support more ambitious data-driven challenges.



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