Powering a sustainable future

Fueling the energy and utilities industry with high-quality data


Energy and utilities need trusted data actionable at scale

The challenges of today’s rapidly changing world require that data be high-quality, accessible, authoritative, and protected.

Shifting to decarbonization

Companies need the ability to efficiently process data from multiple sources in real time, for activities such as emissions and consumption tracking.

Expanding in a volatile market

Trusted, governed, and accessible data is essential to enable the industry to become more agile and realize new growth opportunities.

Improving operational excellence

Cloud analytics, IoT capabilities, drone technology, and mobile sensors are emerging as top digital priorities to enable faster data gathering for quicker decision making.

Managing regulatory compliance

Data management and governance are essential to improve the quality of data to power key business initiatives and ensure regulatory compliance.


How Leaders Can Empower Data Teams for the AI Era

Learn 3 Essential Data Governance Pillars to Fuel Automation and Innovation



Intelligent cloud data management solutions for energy and utilities

Make trusted data actionable at scale so that it can be used to fuel innovation, increase agility, and drive new opportunities for growth..


To thrive in tomorrow’s market realities, natural resources and utility providers must harness the power of intelligent data management to drive digital transformation.

See how SunRun is leveraging Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to achieve the data insights it needs to compete in the fast-changing solar industry.

From managing the transition to decarbonization to improving operational excellence, data plays a critical role in enabling digitally driven technologies.

See Informatica solutions enable an international oilfield services company to identify new exploration and production workflows and improve productivity.

AI-powered data management tools can help utilities retain their market share by enabling advances such as more personalized services, updated distribution systems, and more.

RWE Thames Water identifies infrastructure in need of refurbishment by using Informatica solutions to deliver continuous data access for faster decision making. 


Turning Data into Energy


Get more from your data with AI-powered data management.

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Driving digital transformation in Energy and Utilities

Execute your energy and utilities initiatives and solve your most pressing data challenges

Cloud Services

Reimagining iPaaS with critical end-to-end cloud data management and a microservices architecture

Master Data Management

Delivers reliable business-critical data so you can optimize operations and make informed decisions.

Data Governance and Privacy

Govern data to optimize value, reduce operational costs, and mitigate compliance risks.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Engage your business, IT, and data privacy teams for governing data of all types across the enterprise to enable compliance.

Analytics, AI & Data Warehouse and Lake

Discover the value of a cloud analytics platform that delivers automated, intelligent, cloud-native data integration, data quality, and metadata management.

Data Engineering

Build intelligent, cloud-native data pipelines at scale for AI and analytics.

Data Integration

Data integration tools and solutions can help you bring your disparate data together with a unified view for better analysis and business insights.

Leading energy and utilities organizations choose Informatica. See why.

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