Matrimony.com Ltd is one of India's first pure-play consumer Internet companies. Its flagship brand, BharatMatrimony, is the one of the largest and most trusted national brands with more than 4,000 associates serving over 3 million active members.

BharatMatrimony delivers matchmaking services to users in India and the Indian diaspora through its websites, mobile sites, and mobile applications, which are complemented by an on-the-ground network of 140 retail centers. The BharatMatrimony Android mobile application has achieved more than one million installs. With a strong leadership in matchmaking, the company has been expanding into the highly disparate $55 billion marriage services industry. The goal is to build a billion-dollar company and a long-lasting institution with a legacy for the generations to come.

“At Matrimony.com, Informatica is the first port of call for data integration. Informatica gives us a high-performance, stable, and easy-to-use data platform. We are able to meet customer demand and scale up for key projects and campaign launches”

— S.V.Ramakrishnan, Head Decision Support System, Matrimony.com


Business Need

Consolidated customer payment, profile, and login activity for marketing campaign lead management

Campaign lead management daily report delivered before : 6 A.M. local time

Enterprise-wide strategic and operational daily report delivered by 4 A.M. local time



Integrate data and provide consistent performance for marketing campaign engine

Support structured and unstructured sources of data for enterprise data warehouse

Provide a single development platform and IDE for structured and unstructured data integration

Deliver scalable data integration for real-time and batch process


Solutions & Results

Replaced existing ETL with Informatica PowerCenter, eliminating down time, and adding the ability to launch 5 to 10 additional marketing campaigns at no additional cost

Informatica Big Data Management integrates large unstructured data into a data lake for quick insights for the data science and product teams

High-performance enterprise data warehouse


Products & Services

Informatica PowerCenter

Embrace agility with the market-leading scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration platform.

Big Data Management

Ingest, prepare, catalog, master, govern, and protect your big data to deliver accurate and consistent big data insights from data lakes you can trust.

Success Stories


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