The National Department of Commercial Registration (DNRC), a department within the Brazilian government’s MDIC, is tasked with gathering commercial registration information from all 27 states across the country (and across multiple time zones).


Business Need

Provide single, complete, and trusted view of businesses registered in Brazil.

Enable fast, accurate decisions about government industrial policy.

Maximize efficiency of government departments.



Registration data arrived in a variety of formats—different flavors of Oracle, SQL Server and DB2-sourced flat files. It arrived at different times of the month depending on which state was sending it. And some of the information coming in was of unreliable quality.

Lower the time and resources needed to integrate the data and share the business intelligence arising from it.

MDIC data analysts could only examine simple statistics, such as the number of new businesses opening across Brazil in one month.


Solutions & Results

Put potential of commercial registration information to work, improving government strategic planning.

Reduced time needed to answer key policy questions from one week to one minute.

Delivered trusted, single view of 53 million companies that is complete, accurate, and timely.

Integrated data quickly and efficiently, regardless of datatype or source.

Helped nurture and grow fledgling businesses.

Identified market and business trends.


Products & Services

Informatica PowerCenter Advanced Edition

Standardizes data integration at an enterprise level, across numerous projects and departments.

Success Stories

Air Force Knowledge Services

Using Informatica PowerCenter, the Air Force identified more than $600 million in excess parts and recouped $300,000 in excess equipment in one week.

The Netherlands Ministry of Defense

Deployed PowerCenter to standardize data migration methodology for greater efficiency.