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Our webinars offer a new perspective on the trends that are shaping today’s business world—and the data management strategies making it all happen. Hear real-world success stories from customers, dive deep into demos, and get insights from industry experts on the strategies and topics you’re most interested in, from cloud migration and data warehouse modernization best practices to improving customer experience, data governance, API management, and more.

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Data to Decisions: Getting Results from Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization

Explore how Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism is accelerating cloud migration, integration, and analytics for faster time to insight.




Accelerating Data Privacy & Ethics Compliance with Informatica & Deloitte

Informatica and Deloitte help you align your privacy and ethics compliance with the latest updates to personal data privacy regulations worldwide.




Intelligent Data Management from KPMG, Informatica, and Microsoft

More and more federal agencies continue to store their data in legacy systems, on-premises warehouses or platforms, and must consider a move to the cloud.




Six Ways to Accelerate ROI from Data Warehouse and Data Lake Modernization

Cloud computing has never been more popular, but simply migrating to the cloud does not deliver return on investment (ROI).




Gaining Business Adoption and Maturing Data Governance at Eli Lilly

Learn how pharma giant Eli Lilly launched and scaled a successful enterprise data governance program by encouraging and promoting business adoption.




Why Leading Healthcare Companies are Choosing Informatica and Snowflake for Patient Master and Analytics

Modern Healthcare organizations are going through a Digital Transformation to improve healthcare outcomes and their patient experience.




Building Digital Resilience with Robust Connectivity

Join us for an in-depth conversation about modern application architecture and strategy: application integration, APIs, events, data hubs, data governance, and more!




Data Driven CX: Answering the Five Major Questions

How do you successfully engage with your customers while keeping up with market shifts and transforming CX for the future?




Accelerating Smart Analytics for SAP: Integrating SAP and Google Cloud

SAP customers globally are struggling to innovate, facing pressure unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. 




Building a Governed Data Lake with Informatica and AWS

Accelerate your digital transformation on AWS




ROI for Data Integration and Management: Understanding Financial Metrics

A multi-cloud/hybrid environment runs on reliable, effective data integration and management. Hand coding and point solutions may seem to be getting the job done – but at what cost?




Back to Basics Episode 3: Customer Data

Great customer experiences require great customer data. Poor customer data—like using the wrong name or an incorrect address—can thwart your best efforts to understand who your customers are and what they want.




Unlocking the Potential of the Snowflake Data Cloud

Are you driving your data warehouse and data lake modernization initiatives with the Snowflake Data Cloud? Intelligent data governance is key to maximizing its potential.




IICS for Data Warehouse, Lake, and App Modernization: Episode 4

You’re modernizing your applications in the cloud. But tossing APIs on your on-premises legacy systems is not enough. In this session, you’ll learn how IICS delivers an end-to-end, flexible, and cloud-native solution to connect and integrate all your applications.




DW Modernization Virtual Lab for Google Cloud

Effective analysis of your customer data can yield timely insights to help you elevate your customers’ experience.  However, traditional data warehouses have fallen behind in their capabilities relative to the new cloud options.




Setting a New Standard with Data Governance at Kelly Services

As one of the world’s oldest recruiting firms, Kelly Services has decades of employer and candidate data to draw upon. But to adapt its services to better serve a fast-changing job market, it had to govern its data for clarity, trustworthiness, and relevance.




Meet the Experts: Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog 10.5

Using machine learning to scan and catalog data assets across the enterprise helps you better understand your data so you can get more value from it. Now the industry’s leading AI-powered enterprise data catalog makes it even easier to automate data discovery and improve user experience.




IICS for Data Warehouse, Lake, and App Modernization: Episode 3

You’ve ingested your data. Now it’s time to build and operationalize high-performance data pipelines to make high-quality, trusted data available to all your data users.




Unlocking the Potential of the Snowflake Data Cloud

Best Practices for Driving Value with Intelligent Data Governance




Back to Basics - Episode 2: Reference Data is Master Data

In the second episode of our “Back to Basics” webinar series simplifying basic concepts in master data management, we’ll explore reference data—the lookup values, lists, code data tables, domain values, drop-down values, or enumeration values—that is used to categorize other data.




IICS for Data Warehouse, Lake, and App Modernization: Episode 2

Mass ingestion at the speed of cloud. The first step in moving to the cloud is often accessing and ingesting data to your cloud data warehouse and lake. 




Back to Basics - Episode 1: Mastering Your Data

Master data management (MDM) is the gold standard of data management methods for data and analytics, but many organizations still don’t understand it. Informatica’s “Back to Basics” webinar series explains what it is, why it’s necessary, and how it can increase productivity and business value for organizations of all sizes.




IICS for Data Warehouse, Lake, and App Modernization: Episode 1

To modernize in the cloud, you need to build, operationalize and maintain data pipelines for your data warehouses and lakes on AWS, Azure, and Google. And you need to connect and integrate SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Workday, and Adobe with on-premises legacy applications.




Creating Remarkable Experiences Through Governance at Highmark Health

To realize true transformation and growth for your organization through mergers or acquisitions, you need a strategy for combining disparate data landscapes and managing them for consistency and collaboration.




What’s New for Personal Data Privacy Laws in 2021

How do you maximize the value of your data while maintaining compliance with personal data privacy regulations that are expanding and evolving quickly?




ROI for Data Integration and Management: Understanding Financial Metrics

Evaluate, quantify, and compare the costs and risks of different approaches to data integration and management in a multi-cloud/hybrid environment.