Cloud Data Integration for Cloud ETL and ELT.


Faster, more cost-effective cloud data integration

Accelerate your time to value and increase ROI with Informatica Cloud Data Integration. Control costs and increase resource productivity across your multi-cloud and multi-hybrid environments with cloud ETL and ELT. 

Cloud Data Integration: Key features

Build and run advanced, complex integrations and achieve elastic scale with Spark processing, in a serverless environment.

Optimization Engine

Use a flexible and cost-effective option, whether it’s pushdown to cloud ecosystems, cloud data warehouses, ETL, or Spark serverless processing.

Codeless advanced integration

Easy to use, drag-and-drop user experience, includes 100+ prebuilt functions and templates for mappings and transformations.

Consumption-based pricing

Simple, consumption-based pricing lets you easily scale up or down as your needs change while giving you access to a wide array of our industry-leading cloud services.

AI-driven automation

Accelerate building and deploying data pipelines through our CLAIRE AI-powered automation, recommendations, and auto-tuning and auto-scaling.

High performance and scale with Spark and ELT

Scale up with serverless Spark processing. Improve performance up to 50x with advanced pushdown optimization.

Multi-cloud support

Move workloads freely between clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


Enterprise architectures to reduce the change and complexity of modern cloud data integration

Architecting for Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lakes

Cloud Mass Ingestion


Ingest, integrate, and process your data and applications

Intelligently automate data ingestion, integration and processing on a high-performance, elastic scale, fully managed platform with Spark support.

  • Feed cloud data warehouses and lakes
  • Reduce overhead
  • Efficient app & api integration
  • Transform vast amounts of data

Ingest and enrich your data

Intelligently automate data integration jobs with ETL and ELT processing on a high-performance, scalable, fully managed solution with Spark support. 

Grant Thornton reduces the data integration development and maintenance lifecycle by 50 percent.

Integrate your data your way

Process data integration tasks on your cloud or take advantage of Spark processing or a fully managed serverless data integration platform—with no admin overhead.

Informatica’s cloud data integration expertise helps 2-1-1 San Diego provide faster access to social services.

Integrate your data and applications

Integrate data with any application, on-premises or SaaS, to automate business processes, expedite transactions, and enable real-time analytics.

Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism streamlines data integration and saves 2,000+ person hours annually.

Fast, most cost-effective processing for petabytes of data

Reduce costs by using the native processing power of your cloud data warehouse to process petabytes of data 72x faster within the ecosystem.

Saves time for IT, reducing data warehouse design time by 50 percent and infrastructure building time by 75 percent

Analyst Reports, eBooks, and More

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Faster, More Cost-Effective Cloud Data Integration



What will you do with cloud data integration?

Explore our portfolio of cloud services to accelerate your digital transformation.

Cloud Mass Ingestion

Efficiently ingest databases, files, and streaming data for real-time data replication and streaming analytics.

Cloud Application Integration

Integrate apps & data in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud & on-premises sources.

API Management - Enterprise Application Integration

Manage and secure your APIs through our cloud API integration and orchestration service.

Cloud Data Quality

Quickly identify, fix & monitor data quality problems in cloud & on-premises business apps.

Cloud B2B Gateway

Onboard B2B partners with the power and ease of the cloud.

Cloud Integration Hub

Streamline complex data integration environments and ensure better data consistency.

Advanced Serverless Cloud Data Integration

Focus on building data pipelines and applications without worrying about managing infrastructure.

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