Email Verification

Ensure that email addresses in your customer database are not only accurate but also safe.


Forgo checking email addresses against stale databases. Instead validate them quickly and accurately directly with the domain.

Verify emails immediately

Check whether an email address is valid on the spot with our easy four-step process. Use it to validate that an email address is formatted correctly and that the entire address on both sides of the “@” is valid. Our unique proprietary verification service goes beyond the basics, getting results on email addresses at notoriously hard-to-verify email service providers. Unlike other email verification vendors, we do not check the validity of an email address against a stale database. Our distinctive process ensures the validity of the email address directly with the domain, giving you the most accurate result.

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Eliminate malicious threats

Take advantage of an evidence-based approach and proprietary, self-learning algorithms to locate email domains associated with spam networks, traps, and other malicious threats. Tapping into knowledge gleaned from over a decade of analysis and experience, Email Verification Plus Hygiene gives each email address a status code, indicating if an email address is valid, invalid, or malicious. You can then chose whether to remove it or keep it in your database.


Improve delivery rates—and your reputation

Email Verification Plus Hygiene protects your reputation as a sender. Ensure that your hard work reaches the inbox—and not the junk folder—with a proven email verification and hygiene solution that increases deliverability, protects your reputation as a sender, and improves email marketing performance. Rely on its ability to both confirm the validity of trustworthy email addresses and uphold your reputation as a sender by steering you away from dubious ones. If you can trust email deliverability, and ultimately program results, you can ultimately guarantee the success of your program.

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Integrates easily and quickly

Thanks to easy-to-use APIs or batch options, Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene doesn’t lock you in to an existing solution. It will flexibly deliver real-time results regardless of platform, so you can get up to speed quickly with your existing platform. And should you chose to switch solutions, you can do so with the confidence that you won’t squander your investment or compromise real-time results. Whether you are using Marketo, Salesforce, or Bronto, you can remain confident in the validity of your email addresses.


Customer Success Stories


GuideSpark uses Informatica Data as a Service Email Verification Plus Hygiene to improve database health, cleanse email address quality, and ensure it minimizes the risk of falling into spam traps.

Great American Opportunities

Fundraising Giant Great American Opportunities Improves Customer Satisfaction with Email Verification


Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene helping RingCentral nurture leads and stay in touch with existing customers

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