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3 Simple Steps. Zero Infrastructure. Practically Any Data.

You are expected to build and maintain scalable data pipelines incredibly fast. So, you need to be able to upload practically any data, in any format, from any system, at any volume and velocity. But that’s easier said than done when you’re dealing with a lack of resources and several data pipelines to develop and maintain. With the Informatica Data Loader for Snowflake, you can access and load data quickly to your cloud data warehouse in Snowflake – to accelerate your analytics. It’s a free, fast and frictionless way to load unlimited data to Snowflake. Follow three simple steps: connect your source, select your target and choose to run or schedule.

Get data from multiple sources with Data Loader for Snowflake

Get data from multiple sources with Data Loader for Snowflake

Key Features

Provides a Simple 3 Step, Wizard-Driven Experience

Adopting new technology often comes with a learning curve. Informatica Data Loader’s simple, wizard-driven experience is easy to learn so you can provide value quickly. There is no software to install. The set-up process requires zero overhead, zero DevOps and zero coding. All you need to do to capture the data is connect your source, choose a target and hit run or schedule.

Enables High Volume Data Loading to Snowflake

Your data likely lives in multiple sources, both on-premises and in the cloud. Informatica Data Loader enables you to load your data, regardless of where it resides, into the cloud data warehouse of your choice — including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks DeltaLake and Google BigQuery. It supports high-speed, high-volume data loading and gives you the ability to move practically any amount of data.

Offers Robust Out-of-the-Box Connectivity

Informatica Data Loader features out-of-the-box connectivity for over 40 commonly used data sources, such as Marketo, Salesforce and Microsoft. It provides a frictionless way for your customers to get data exported from a variety of sources. In addition, it automatically captures data and schema changes from the source systems.

Ingest data into a Snowflake in minutes

Ingest data into a Snowflake in minutes

Key Benefits

Lowers Your Cost and Risk

Budget concerns are often discussed when adopting a new tool. Because Informatica Data Loader is free indefinitely, there’s no need for budget approvals and no risk of unexpected expenses. And since no coding is required to operate Informatica Data Loader, you no longer need to worry about hiring skilled developers.

Drives Higher Productivity

We know your time is limited and valuable. With no agent installation or setup required, Informatica Data Loader comes with zero DevOps needs. This frees up time and resources to focus on other priorities that drive business value. And by sharing vital, up-to-date customer analytics with other departments such as finance, sales and marketing, you help increase their productivity, too.

Accelerates Innovation

Innovation relies on having the most relevant insights based on the most recent data, irrespective of its source and target. With high-speed data loading from Snowflake to practically any cloud data warehouse, you will be able to run analytics quicker to accelerate that process. And Informatica Data Loader supports change data capture and automatic schema drift, so your information stays up to date. Plus, it prepares you to be future-ready, with a seamless transition to data integration.

Enable Free, Fast and Frictionless Data Loading

With data scattered across your organization, breaking down silos to run analytics can be challenging and time consuming. But with Informatica Data Loader, you can load practically any amount of data into Snowflake and unlock meaningful analytics.

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