Data Security Training and Certification


Data Security Group (formerly ILM) software empowers your IT organization to cost-effectively handle data growth, safely retire legacy systems and applications, optimize test data management, and protect sensitive data. Two levels of certification allow IT teams to demonstrate their expertise at every phase of the data lifecycle.

ILM Data Archive: Developer, Specialist

This exam measures your competency as a full team member on a standard project implementation. Passing this exam shows an ILM DA Developers proficiency in using the specific features and capabilities of the product.

ILM Test Data Management: Developer, Specialist

This exam measures your competency as a member of a project implementation team. This involves having an in-depth knowledge of the features of Test Data Management including subsetting and masking. You need to be able to configure database connections, import metadata, discover keys and data domains, create entities, groups, and templates for subsetting, and create rules and policies for data masking.

Secure@Source, Specialist Certification

This exam measures your ability to act as a developer in an Informatica Secure@Source Project or as a junior team member on a consulting project with minimal technical supervision.


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Intelligent Data Security

Define, analyze, and protect sensitive data at its source before it proliferates throughout your enterprise.

Data Archive

Retire legacy applications, manage data growth, improve application performance, and maintain compliance with structured archiving.

Data Masking

Protects unauthorized access to and disclosure of sensitive, private, and confidential information.

Test Data Management

Provides secure, automated provisioning of non-production datasets to meet development needs

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