IT Health Firm

They’re delivering technology-enabled health services that help improve overall population health.

“Thanks to Informatica, we’re better able to reach members to schedule a house visit. That ultimately helps us do a better job of improving population health.”


IT Health Firm
  • Engage more members about receiving proactive, preventive care through house visits and in-home exams
  • Respond faster to internal data requests and give business users self-service access to data assets and lineage
  • Onboard health plan customers and their member data faster to improve efficiency and provide a better customer experience
Solutions & Results
  • Profile member data using Informatica Data Quality to identify anomalies or inconsistencies that might interrupt outreach
  • Scan over 1.3 million data assets and track their lineage using Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, and establish a common data dictionary using Informatica Axon Data Governance
  • 50 percent decrease in resolution time for internal data requests; empowers employees to access, understand, and analyze member data through Salesforce and Tableau dashboards
  • Automatically cleanse, verify, and enrich member email, phone, and address information using IDQ and Informatica Data as a Service (DaaS)
  • 75 percent faster onboarding time for healthcare payer and insurance customers, improving customer experiences
  • Implemented validation steps for email, phone and mailing addresses through the use of Informatica Data Quality, reducing cost implications of poor data, and improving member engagement
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