Cloud Data Ingestion and Replication

Experience fast, code-free data ingestion and replication to fuel your analytics and AI.

Ingest and replicate data the way you want at scale

Easily ingest and replicate enterprise data into cloud data warehouses, lakes and messaging hubs using batch, streaming, real time and change data capture (CDC).

Create tasks quickly

Build data ingestion jobs in minutes with a four-step, wizard-based experience.

Simplify data ingestion

Streamline ingestion and replication using a cloud-native solution with out-of-the-box connectivity.

Scale more flexibly

Take in terabytes of nearly any type of data using batch, streaming or CDC.

Reduce your data ingestion costs

See how one solution supports your data ingestion and replication patterns.

Database and CDC ingestion

Ingest data using batch or CDC from relational databases, including Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.

Application ingestion

Ingest data from applications such as Salesforce, SAP ECC and Dynamics 365.

Streaming data ingestion

Collect, filter, combine and ingest data from streaming and IoT endpoints.

File ingestion

Easily transfer files of any size and leverage them with scalability and optimization.

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