Engage Customers

Create relevant, personalized experiences to increase customer engagement and grow revenues.

An engaged customer is a loyal one. Create the experiences that lead to ongoing engagement with a 360-degree view of your customers, so you can capitalize on new opportunities and eliminate the threat of disruptive forces. Being successful requires end-to-end strategic management of your customer data to impact the success of marketing programs, sales efforts, and service conversations.

Power great customer experiences


Increase marketing conversions

Disjointed, inconsistent, and conflicting marketing offers usually end in disappointment and disinterested customers. The ever-growing number of marketing applications, channels, and interaction points makes it imperative to automate and align the central management of critical customer data. By creating a trusted, intelligent 360-degree view of customers, marketers can turn leads into revenue faster with better customer journeys, an understanding who is or isn’t a customer, and tailored offers based on individual customer needs.  

Sales upsell and cross-sell success

The importance of customer experience to a company’s long-term viability hinges on sales conversations. Sales teams need to know a lot about customers: how to contact them, where they’re located, what their preferences are, what they’ve purchased, and more. A 360-degree view of a customer helps them have the conversations that customers want, identify products for upsell and cross-sell, and better understand and grow the overall relationship with a customer.


Customer-centric service

Engaged customers trust companies that have made the move from product-centricity or channel-centricity to customer-centricity. Companies that put the customer at the center are able to anticipate and resolve issues quickly, professionally, and decisively because their 360-degree customer view links the customer profile to products and purchases, issues and complaints, service calls, and history.

Purpose-built to build a 360-degree view

Informatica’s 360 engagement solutions deliver a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers. A foundation of master data management, data governance, data quality, data security, and data as a service allows for a purpose-built, trusted customer profile to be created, managed, and shared across the business. With it, companies realize greater business value from core customer data that can be found across marketing, sales, customer service, and finance; across lines of business; and across regions and channels.



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