Improve Finance Data Management

Deliver trusted finance data and more accurate reports with intelligence and automation

Finance Data Management with Informatica MDM – Finance 360

Unleash the true value of finance data by combining the flexibility of the cloud with excellent master data management capabilities.

Ensure accurate reporting with the power of AI

Automating the reconciliation and validation of finance data across enterprise systems improves the reporting process. With AI-powered automation you can streamline these time- and effort-intensive processes, ensuring accurate reporting for executive decision making as well as regulatory compliance.


Empower finance users with self-service

Give finance users a rich interface for managing chart of accounts, cost center, account codes, legal entities, and other finance data. Drag-and-drop, highly visual data management tools give business users the power to handle finance data management tasks themselves.

Streamline business transformation and transition

Managing finance data from a central location allows you to easily compare account structures across systems and maintain crosswalks and versions. You can also easily visualize the impact of changes from mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.


Standardize finance data to support governance and optimize operations 

Finance 360 removes finance data inconsistencies and their associated operational overhead. By creating a single source of trusted information, you can facilitate collaboration between finance users while maintaining full data traceability, versioning, and data lineage.

Experience the industry’s first cloud-based finance data management solution built on an intelligent data platform.