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Enable fast, safe data sharing with a data shopping experience to access data with confidence.

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“We all know data is the key to making intelligent business decisions, but few can fully trust the provenance and quality of data informing their strategies. The Informatica Marketplace gives every user in the organization that level of confidence.”

Diogo Barros

Data Governance Specialist, Santander

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Package and publish data products

Share and promote curated data sets, AI/ML models and pipelines, from a broad variety of sources.

package and publish data products
automate data provisioning and delivery

Automate data provisioning and delivery

Streamline processes from order to delivery and easily track operational metrics.

Provide relevant context and guidance

Help improve data literacy through insights and reviews to promote next-best actions to take on data.

provide relevant context and guidance
facilitate collaboration across teams

Facilitate collaboration across teams

Share insights and connect teams across the enterprise with chat, reviews, alerts and user ratings.

Get consumption-based pricing

Pay only for what you use with our flexible pricing.

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FAQ for Data Marketplace

A data sharing marketplace is a portal that acts as an intermediary between data producers and data consumers. A data marketplace enables organizations to find, understand, trust and access relevant data quickly through automation.

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CDOs, other data leaders and data teams can facilitate data sharing and democratization with a data marketplace. Additional benefits of a data marketplace include:

  • Enhanced visibility and access to relevant, trusted data for data consumers
  • Improved data literacy
  • Greater trust in data and decisions
  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity
  • Transparency into data usage
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There are primarily three components of a thriving data marketplace.

  1. Data producers create and publish data assets to share.
  2. Data consumers shop for and request access to relevant data products.
  3. Data stewards fulfill and track requests.
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Commonly used together — as data catalogs often fuel data for marketplaces — each serves a different purpose. The primary purpose of a data catalog is to inventory data assets and information about those assets (metadata), making it easier for organizations to discover and comprehend their data; whereas, a data marketplace enables sharing and promotion of curated data products with context, allowing data consumers to find and easily access trustworthy packaged data sets, fit for their purposes.

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