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Informatica Operational Insights, a cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service tool, is a machine-learning-based operational monitoring and analytics tool that provides predictive insights and recommendations across all your Informatica PowerCenter deployments. The intelligence in Operational Insights is powered by the CLAIRE® engine, which leverages operational metadata to deliver intelligent recommendations. Operational Insights is a freemium product and the annual subscription of the base edition is free. Paid packages can be purchased to remove the restrictions of the base free edition.

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This cloud-hosted offering includes:

  • Job runtime analytics
  • Resource utilization analytics
  • Job error remediation recommendations
  • Domain health monitoring
  • Data retention of 30 days for 10 domains (paid offerings are available for longer data retention and additional domains) 

Select the location based on your data residency, processing, and latency requirements. North America and Europe are the only data center locations available for the Operational Insights tool at this time.

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