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Great customer experiences start with great customer data

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Exceptional customer experiences are personalized

Exceptional customer experiences are personalized

An engaging, exceptional patient, member, or provider experience must be highly personalized using insights gained from all relevant data.

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Know everything about your patients, members, and providers

Synthesize data from many different sources so you know the person and how best to interact with them.

Deliver an omnichannel experience
Integrate disparate systems and services to deliver a consistent experience across every point of interaction.
Expand insights by including external data
Use AI to automate and link external or non-traditional sources of data to create an expanded view of the customer.
Encourage desired behaviors
Guide engaged consumers to a desired outcome of becoming a patient/member, remaining a customer, or following a prescribed clinical course.
Become a trusted advisor
Use insights and personalization to be the preferred source of information for your patients, members, and providers.
Prevent lost revenue
Identify procedures or other care activities that have been preauthorized, scheduled, or cancelled but not otherwise completed.
Integrate virtual care
Enhance satisfaction by seamlessly integrating virtual visits into clinical and administrative processes.
Great CX

Turning healthcare data into great CX

CX expert Blake Morgan shares how healthcare organizations can replicate best practices from other industries to accelerate their CX journey.

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Delivering personalized care across 100 California communities


Discover what intelligent healthcare data can do

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Customer experience initiatives across industries follow common patterns that can benefit healthcare organizations.

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