Maastro provides clinical patient care using radiotherapy and performs clinical radiotherapy research. The Maastro Clinic also collaborates with the Radiotherapy Department and the GROW Research School of the Maastricht University Medical Centre to further optimize cancer treatment through education and scientific research. The independent clinic has approximately 300 employees.

“Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services enabled us to build complex clinical and research data pipeline. The idea that we could re-use the solution to help other care providers makes me proud.”

Joeri Veugen

Team Leader DBA/BI, Maastro
Business Need
  • Minimize performance impact on EHR database
  • Enable researchers to create their own mappings and data flows
  • Send full documents as well as partial updates
  • Modernize systems with a cloud-first strategy, while retaining control over patient information for security and compliance
  • Launch a referral portal that clinics around the country can use to refer patients to Maastro Clinic for cancer treatment
  • Create a new government-mandated patient portal, allowing patients to view their health records in one place using their computer or mobile device
Solutions & Results
  • Use Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to integrate data from on-premises systems with Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and cloud-based image archives
  • Receive and process incoming referral messages in real time, using Informatica Cloud Application Integration
  • Empowering patients to view their medical information and images to take a more active role in their own care and helping Maastro comply with regulatory requirements
  • Exchange patient data among Maastro’s databases and Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) repository with Informatica Cloud Data Integration
  • Controlling data flows and user access while collecting, managing, and sharing healthcare data in the cloud
  • Providing faster patient access to potentially life-saving radiotherapy through immediate referral notifications
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