Reimagine the future of healthcare

Accelerate digital transformation with the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Healthcare.


Reinventing the future of healthcare

Reliable, trustworthy data that can be quickly located, accessed, understood and shared is revolutionizing every aspect of healthcare.


Engage Health Plan Members with a Highly Personalized, Consistent Omnichannel Consumer Experience

Health plans are increasingly focusing on consumer experience as a source of competitive advantage. It’s key to creating happy, engaged members who have better outcomes and lower costs. Learn how a 360-degree view of the consumer delivers this vision.

By gaining deeper insights into consumer interactions, Humana is creating personalized plans that maximize the health of their members.

Keeping populations healthy is more efficient than treating individuals when they become ill

Identify population cohorts and design programs and interventions to improve wellness and promote health equity.

Valley Health broadens their reach by delivering an enterprise-scale telehealth platform in a matter of weeks using Informatica Cloud Application Integration.

The best quality care is ultimately the most cost-effective, highest value care

Improve health outcomes, decrease unwarranted variations in care, and reduce medical errors using analytics and insights derived from trustworthy data.

To deliver the highest quality care, Franciscan Alliance leverages the scalability of the cloud using Informatica Cloud Data Integration.

High-cost care isn’t always of high quality, nor low-cost care of poor quality

Reduce costs by automating front- and back-office business processes while using insights from trustworthy data to identify the highest value clinical processes and interventions.

The Texas-based affordable care network accelerates claims approvals for 50,000 providers with automated data quality and MDM.

Ohio Health

OhioHealth: 4 Ways Cloud and Data Governance Provide Agility Without Chaos

The digital transformation of the healthcare system is long overdue, and the current COVID-19 crisis is a catalyst to move forward with urgency.


Empowering 50K+ Healthcare Professionals with Trusted Data and Analytics


Extend key capabilities of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

See how healthcare organizations can achieve true digital transformation



 Reimagining the Future of Healthcare: Fueling Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare with Reliable Data

Solution Brief


Improve Quality of Care With Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and Informatica 


Franciscan Alliance Delivers Trusted Analytics to Improve Decision Making


Discover how intelligent data management can transform healthcare


A Call to Action for the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

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Reimagining Healthcare and Life Sciences: 5 Ways to Accelerate AI and Analytics

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Reinventing Healthcare with the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud

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Customer 360 Insights for Healthcare Providers

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Better Together: Epic and Holistic Enterprise Data Governance

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Discover Informatica’s comprehensive cross-industry solutions

Solve your most-pressing healthcare data challenges and future proof your data management with time-tested capabilities and an ability to scale.

Accelerating Business Insights: Cloud Data Warehouse

Discover how to manage and modernize cloud data warehouses and deliver trusted business insights from all your data to drive digital disruption.

Migrate to the Cloud Your Way

As you migrate to the cloud it is important that your data is seamlessly connected, managed, trusted and secure. Discover why today.

Transform Customer Experience

Learn about customer experience best practices and how to improve CX strategies with intelligent data.

Data Science Acceleration

Discover how you can accelerate advanced analytics and data science projects and deliver AI and machine learning projects from huge volumes of data.

Gain a 360-Degree View of Business-Critical Data

Provide a trusted view of all data to ensure that decisions and processes leverage the best available information.

Data Governance and Privacy

Govern data to optimize value, reduce operational costs, and mitigate compliance risks.

Provide Analytics Insights

Provides a holistic approach to ensure that data is trustworthy for both business use and regulatory compliance purposes.

We help organizations across industries thrive. See how.

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