Informatica for Google Cloud

Power your digital transformation with integrated, trusted data.

Modernize your data architecture

Building and scaling new business models to gain insights from disparate cloud and on-premises data faster, while reducing IT costs, requires an architecture that can go from prototype to zettabyte scale as your needs evolve. The Google Cloud Platform offers high-performance, cost-effective, and scalable cloud infrastructure. Informatica offers the fastest way to deliver, transform, manage, and synchronize integrated, trusted data from multi-cloud, on-premises, and big data sources anywhere into Google Cloud. Get value from Google Cloud more quickly with Informatica.

Expedite data migration to Google BigQuery

Moving existing workloads and data sets to the cloud can improve agility and decrease costs. Informatica powers enterprise data management initiatives and future-proofs your IT investment when migrating on-premises data and workloads to Google BigQuery. Hundreds of prebuilt connectors are available, including native BigQuery connectors for Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, Big Data Management, and PowerCenter. With high-performance data integration, you can accelerate the process of migrating a wide variety of data workloads to Google BigQuery from on-premises applications, relational databases, and data warehouses.


Maximize the value of Google Analytics

With Google Cloud and Informatica, marketing professionals have a next-gen, data-driven solution that offers new capabilities in marketing analytics. By combining Google’s access to AdWords, GA 360, DoubleClick, and YouTube with Informatica’s out-of-the-box connectors for Google Analytics, Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and other sources of marketing data, you can further enrich marketing analytics in BigQuery. Get a more holistic view of your customers and the entire marketing landscape with Informatica and Google.

Fuel your Google Cloud data lake

Google Cloud’s on-demand storage and analytics provide a modern foundation for data lakes. Leverage Informatica Big Data Management to bring data from any on-premises, cloud, or big data source into Google Cloud Storage. Combine and transform it at scale and stage it for exploratory analytics and visualization. Abstract complexity, speed set up, automate processes, and ease management with an enterprise data lake solution from Informatica and Google.



Host Informatica in Google Cloud

Host your Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services agents, PowerCenter, and other products in Google Cloud with confidence. Fully certified and supported by Informatica, you can leverage Google Cloud hosting services to add dynamism to your enterprise application hosting and management environment.

API-Driven Business Transformation for Your Data and Business Processes

The world’s leading API management and iPaaS vendors have partnered to power your data-driven digital transformation with a cloud-native, AI-enabled integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and APIs to integrate any data, any app, for any user in a multi-cloud world. With Informatica Integration Cloud for Apigee you can increase agility with integration fueled by AI and machine learning, monetize business assets by managing them as APIs, and innovate with data- and metadata-driven insights.

Developing and managing complex APIs and application data integration is simpler than ever before, with zero coding:

  • Make any data or business process an API with the click of a button
  • Automatically publish Informatica integration data and processes as secure, managed API endpoints to Apigee Edge
  • Quickly build secure API proxies in Apigee by automatically discovering Informatica integration data and processes
  • Integrate and orchestrate business processes with simple, wizard-driven drag-and-drop functionality
  • Enjoy out-of-the-box connectivity to hundreds of applications and data stores


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