The Future of Healthcare Is Data-Driven: Harness Its Power with Industry-Leading Data Management

Last Published: Mar 30, 2023 |
Jonathan Thornbury
Jonathan Thornbury

Chief Architect, Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare industry is dynamic and rapidly changing, with new challenges and opportunities emerging regularly. Updates to regulations, advances in medical technology, shifts in patient demographics, and emerging diseases and public health threats are just some of the factors involved. Healthcare organizations that can adapt to these changes and seize opportunities will position themselves better for long-term success. 

One of the most potent tools healthcare providers have at their disposal is data management. With the help of advanced analytics and data management tools, healthcare providers can gain valuable insights into their operations, patient populations and outcomes. At Informatica, we understand the unique challenges healthcare organizations face. This is why we have developed the Informatica® Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) for Healthcare, which helps improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and enhance the overall customer experience. 

Let's examine how Informatica IDMC services empower healthcare organizations to achieve their strategic and technical goals. 

Improving the Health of Populations 

Healthcare organizations require a comprehensive understanding of their patient population to enhance their health. The Informatica Cloud Data Integration service can help providers consolidate data from multiple sources, creating a more comprehensive picture of their patient population. This can help identify high-risk patients and track population health trends, enabling targeted interventions to improve health outcomes. Furthermore, the Informatica data quality service helps ensure that patient data is accurate, complete and up to date to help organizations make informed decisions about patient care.

Enhancing the Healthcare Consumer Experience 

To retain and attract patients, healthcare organizations must deliver an exceptional customer experience. With Informatica Master Data Management, a solution built on IDMC, and Cloud Data Integration, you can create a single, trusted view of customers. This enables you to better deliver personalized experiences and real-time access to health information, increasing patient engagement and satisfaction and building long-term relationships. Additionally, the Informatica Data Governance service helps to ensure compliance with data regulations, fostering trust and confidence in the healthcare system. 

Improving Quality of Care 

Healthcare organizations must have access to accurate, complete and up-to-date patient data to make informed decisions and deliver high-quality care. The Informatica Cloud Data Integration service can help healthcare organizations enable interoperability between their growing assortment of data sources. 

With Informatica, healthcare organizations can integrate data from different sources, creating a comprehensive view of each patient's health history. This reduces the risk of errors and improves care coordination and patient care quality. Furthermore, Informatica Data Governance and Cloud Data Quality services help ensure accurate, complete and up-to-date patient data, reducing the risk of errors and improving the quality of care. 

Reducing Costs 

To reduce costs, healthcare providers must streamline data workflows and reduce administrative burdens, enabling clinicians and staff to focus on patient care. The Informatica Cloud Data Integration service can help companies automate data workflows and reduce manual data entry, enabling clinicians and staff to focus on patient care. Additionally, Informatica Master Data Management can help providers consolidate applications and data sources, reducing administrative burden and resulting in cost savings. 

Realize Your Healthcare Organization’s Full Potential

The robust portfolio of Informatica IDMC data management services is essential for healthcare organizations looking to achieve their business goals and unlock the full potential of their data landscape. Organizations can deliver better patient outcomes by consolidating data, improving data quality and governance and streamlining data workflows. 

As a result, Informatica has helped numerous healthcare organizations improve the health of populations, enhance the customer experience, improve the quality of care and reduce costs. So don't wait any longer to start your transformation journey with Informatica. Optimize your healthcare organization’s maximum potential. 

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First Published: Mar 23, 2023