Ensenda, Inc.

Ensenda is a rapidly growing logistics and SaaS company serving the shipping needs of some of the largest retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers in North America. The company manages a network of the top local delivery firms that enables shippers to offer quality delivery experiences to their customers.

“Ensenda’s goal is to minimize the time needed to onboard a customer or a carrier, and Informatica greatly reduced the development effort needed to do this. It made the whole process a lot faster. Whatever our next customer requires, most likely we’ll be able to accommodate it with Informatica.”

— Vianna Quock, Director of Product Management, Ensenda, Inc.


Business Need

Streamline the process for on-boarding new customers and carriers.

Rapidly adapt to customers’ changing shipping needs.

Provides businesses in every industry with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective delivery solution via network of local delivery firms.



Build a flexible and scalable technology platform in support of ongoing business growth.

Ensure continuous support for customers’ changing data exchange requirements.

To pull in customer order information, engineers needed to custom code the specific parser routines—a slow and expensive process.


Solutions & Results

Reduced typical customer data exchange and transformation development time from a couple months to a few days.

Accelerated onboarding of customers and delivery companies.

Improved ability to scale data integration to match business growth.

Led to enhanced IT resource flexibility.

Gained tremendous integration flexibility – quickly adding new capabilities to its service platform.


Products & Services

Informatica B2B Data Exchange with EDI Library and MFT Option

Enables efficient and cost-effective collaboration with your extended network of trading partners and customers.

Informatica PowerCenter High Availability Option.

Minimizes service interruptions during hardware and/or software outages.

Informatica PowerExchange.

Accesses mission-critical data and delivers it throughout the enterprise wherever it’s needed, on any schedule.

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

Success Stories


Citrix uses Informatica solutions to gain complete customer insight on all products

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Informatica empowered scientific and clinical collaboration at this renowned cancer center by turning data into knowledge and facilitating self-service business intelligence

Illinois State University

Illinois State University relies on Informatica to standardize data analytics that enrich students’ experiences and promote academic achievement