Platform Partner Program

Allows ISVs and SaaS partners to embed our leading information platform in packaged applications.

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Integrate, innovate, accelerate

As an independent software vendor (ISV), the success of the applications you develop depends on your customers’ ability to:

  • Migrate data into and out of your application
  • Ensure all migrated data is accurate, complete, and current
  • Integrate and synchronize the data in your application with data in their other applications and systems so that it’s accessible and usable throughout your customers’ organizations

Informatica can help you integrate, innovate, and accelerate your business—and that of your customers.

Program Features

Embed our data management technology into applications, SaaS offerings, aggregated data products, specialized analytics, and managed services that you develop, deliver, distribute, or host.

Time to Value

Onboarding customers and integrating data formats and systems can be time-consuming. Streamline the process, reduce the go-live time, and recognize revenue faster with Informatica.

Incremental Revenue

Packaged templates let you easily integrate data across on-premise and cloud systems, eliminating the cost of manual development and letting you build revenue more quickly.

Competitive Advantage

Leveraging the Informatica solution lets you accelerate data integration, add diverse customers, invest in priorities that drive intellectual property, and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Cloud Application and Platform Partners

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