GSI Commerce

Founded in 1999, GSI Commerce International is focused primarily on providing e-commerce and multichannel solutions to the world’s leading brands, retailers and other consumer-centric organizations. The product range includes online shop solutions from A-Z.

“Address validation across all countries is critical to the success of online shops with international customers. AddressDoctor Web Services are easily integrated via a single interface.”

Enda Breslin

Vice President Technology Solutions, GSI Commerce International
Business Need
  • Online trade has reached a significant size—GSI wants to capitalize on the growing market opportunity, while delivering an exceptional and rewarding service experience for leading brands and retailers.
  • Retailers require secure methods of fraud prevention.
  • Online trade is not only a logistical challenge—retailers also want to ensure customers from around the world receive their package without any hassles.
  • Ensure correct delivery and billing through accurate and complete addresses.
    Solutions & Results
    • Enabled company to standardize on one unified solution for all countries.
    • Ensured correct delivery and accurate billing addresses.
    • Delivered detailed usage statistics.
    • Improved fraud prevention
    • Optimized logistic chain.
    • Enabled secure SSL transmission.

    Products & Services

    AddressDoctor Interactive Web Services

    Address verification solution compare address data to the most up-to-date and complete postal reference data. Includes parsing, transliteration, formatting and enrichment.

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