MonsterTRAK, the college-focused division of online job search giant, uses data it collects about applicants, employers, and job listings to set rates accurately and maximize revenue potential. 

“The Informatica On Demand Data Loader Service lets us retain control of our own data while making the most of the benefits of SaaS and the PaaS, such as lower costs and easy access to data from anywhere at any time. I think the future of computing is cloud-based, and Informatica On Demand is helping us get there.”

Rich Gottesman

Salesforce CRM Administrator,
Business Need
  • Give managers easier access to business intelligence by using Salesforce CRM.
  • Increase business agility and responsiveness.
  • Lower the cost of IT services.
  • Overloaded IT department needed an easy way to migrate large amounts of data to the platform daily.
  • Move large amounts of data to a hosted solution regularly and securely.
  • Adopt cloud computing for economies of scale.
Solutions & Results
  • Decreased time necessary to generate reports from weeks to one day.
  • Achieved full ROI almost immediately.
  • Enabled a single database administrator to handle all data transformation.

Products & Services

Informatica On Demand Data Loader Service

High-performing bulk data synchronization and replication for cloud and on-premise apps, using an advanced designer for technical users and a self-service UI for SaaS administrators.

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