Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies (TT), a global provider of high-performance trading software, announced plans to launch a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) trading platform for professional traders that provides extremely fast execution performance, access to real-time market data and the ability to trade global financial markets from any desktop or mobile device.



“This new Web-based trading platform is a reflection of Trading Technologies’ over-the-horizon thinking. It provides thousands of traders in more than 40 countries and five continents with mobile, reliable, fast access to dozens of global derivatives markets.”

— Mike Mayhew, VP of Global Operations, Trading Technologies


Business Need

Ability to access global markets, manage orders and automate trading strategies from any desktop or mobile device.

Need to trade competitively with low-latency execution with persistent, secure access to real-time and historical market data.

Desire to gain immediate access to new features and functionality without performing complex software upgrades.



Design a highly scalable and reliable trading platform infrastructure that facilitates rapid innovation and agile development. TT’s internally developed messaging solution, the foundation of its existing trading platform:

Required a heavily staffed, dedicated development team.

Provided questionable value over commercially available options.

Diverted company’s focus from its core competency and customer value proposition - creating innovative trading tools.

Proved incompatible with commercially available diagnostic and performance analytic tools.


Solutions & Results

Utilizes Informatica Ultra Messaging as core component in TT infrastructure.

Scalable, high performance and reliable messaging solution.

Allows highly-skilled resources to focus on innovating.

Increased the availability of development, staging, production environments by many factors.

Reduced internal development resources dedicated to messaging and IPC by 90%.


Products & Services

Edge Data Streaming

Efficiently manage all forms of streaming data so you can analyze and act on it while it's still fresh and relevant.

Informatica Professional Services

Provides a full range of professional services based on Informatica’s proven implementation methodology.

Informatica Global Customer Support

Provides your organization with the support you need, where and how you need it: choose from Standard, Enterprise or Mission-Critical Support.

Success Stories


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