SulAmerica Seguros

As Brazil’s largest independent insurance company, SulAmérica operates in a competitive, highly regulated industry known for its many alliances, consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions which over time have created some extremely large companies with multiple lines of commercial, personal, and health insurance.

“Informatica is supporting the acceleration of our digital transformation, mitigating risks, and enabling a more efficient operation in today’s insurance environment.”

José Guilherme Magalhães

Senior Manager for Analytics Architecture, SulAmérica
Business Need
  • Use a flexible MDM tool to create a single view of customers, brokers, and providers
  • Connect to Google BigQuery to store data for cloud analytics
  • Provide high availability for critical healthcare integrations
  • Deliver a single, complete view of customers, brokers, and providers, gathering insurance policy information across all lines of business
  • Enable developers to work with production data to improve quality, consistency, and compliance while protecting customers’ information
  • Roll out this informational hub to be utilized by other operations including product systems, analytics, procurement, auditing, privacy, legal, and HR
Solutions & Results
  • Deploy Informatica MDM to consolidate CRM platforms and create a single version of truth for customer data from 17 source systems
  • Provision subsets of production data to test environments using Informatica Test Data
  • Improves customer relationships with insights that enable more responsive service and strategic sales targeting while reducing risk and operational costs
  • Allows for more consistent, high-quality software development while keeping customer data safe and complying with data protection regulations
  • Use Informatica Cloud Data Integration to integrate applications and data sources across on-premises and cloud
  • Management to mask sensitive data
  • Helps streamline a BRL $3.2 billion acquisition of SulAmérica’s automotive and other property-casualty business by Allianz
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Products & Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a next generation iPaaS, which is made up of a growing number of data management products. The productivity of the environment is accelerated by a common user experience across all products, the AI/ML-driven intelligence of the CLAIRE™ engine, and a microservices architecture.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Codeless, optimized integration to hundreds of applications and data sources across on-premises and cloud.

Informatica Test Data Management

Provides secure, automated provisioning of non-production datasets to meet development needs

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

Discover and inventory data assets across your organization.

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