Data Catalog tools for AI-powered data discovery

Find, understand and prepare your data with intelligent data cataloging and metadata management.


Automate data discovery, curation and lineage

Give more meaning and relevance to your data assets with metadata-driven discovery, inventory and preparation.

Catalog all data

Use AI-powered automation to discover, inventory and organize your data assets fast.

Access a unified view

Add rich context to your data by enabling a single view of enterprise metadata.

Turn data into insights

Find and prepare trusted data to use in your AI/ML applications for more insights.

Connect and catalog your data assets

Automatically scan cloud data stores, BI tools, ETL and third-party data catalogs.

Connect and catalog data assets
Easily curate and prepare data

Easily curate and prepare your data

Use automated domain discovery, data similarity, associations and recommendations.

Automate end-to-end data lineage

Track data movement from system- to column-level for detailed impact analysis.

Automate end-to-end data lineage
Measure and optimize data value

Measure and optimize your data value

Use Data Asset Analytics to understand assets, enrichment and collaboration.

Understand data quality and relationships

See your data quality rules, scorecards, metrics and profiling stats in context.

Detect data relationships and quality
Collaborate on data intelligence

Collaborate on data intelligence

Share data knowledge with certifications, ratings, reviews, Q&A and notifications.

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Empowering customers to achieve success

“In the past, it took 6 months to generate files that are used for client reporting that can now be done in 2-3 days—a 95% reduction in manual effort to analyze data—allowing us to expand the scope of our project effort for critical clinical operations.”

Joseph Fagnoni

Executive Advisor, Data & Analytics, CVS Health

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