Data as a Service

Confidently engage with your customers using verified and enriched contact data.

Build the business case for Contact Data Verification

Data as a Service (DaaS) helps organizations of all sizes verify and enrich their data so they can confidently engage with their customers. With customer experience and engagement a top focus across all industries, ensure that messages and products make it to their intended targets via postal mail, email or phone.

Contact data verification

For Informatica, Data as a Service begins with data you can rely on. Without trusted, relevant, and authoritative data, you can’t engage effectively with your customers and prospects. With customer experience and engagements a top focus in all industries, ensuring messages and products make it to their intended targets via postal mail, email, or phone is essential. Ensure high data quality by validating the accuracy of your contact data with Informatica, the leader in contact data verification.

Address Verification

Easily ensure the accuracy of your customers’ postal addresses with Address Verification.

Email Verification

Instantly verify that your customers’ email addresses are not only accurate, but also safe to send.

Phone Validation

Validate phone numbers throughout the world to improve customer data and ensure your ability to engage with customers.

Data enrichment

Once data has been verified, enrich it with trusted third-party data sources so you can learn even more about your customers and prospects. A cornerstone for all Data as a Service offerings, Informatica’s data enrichment services are hand-selected for top quality with both the B2B and B2C audience in mind.

Global Geocoding

Enriches your customer address data with up-to-date and accurate latitude and longitude information.

National Change of Address Verification

Easily determine if a customer or prospect has changed addresses with Informatica's National Change of Address Verification.

Data Enrichment

Discover how Informatica’s data enrichment solutions enable segmented customer demographics for personalized sales, marketing and more.

Success stories

Customer Success Story
Using PowerCenter HP consolidated 85 data centers into three and reduced computing expenses by billions of dollars.
Customer Success Story
JLL Delivers Marketing Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate Investing.
Customer Success Story
Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene helping RingCentral nurture leads and stay in touch with existing customers


Informatica Data as a Service can help you quickly and easily integrate our data verification services directly into your technology. With more than 60 partners around the world, we can show you how to improve the quality of your client’s data in your systems or become a reseller of our services.

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Ecosystem integrations

Informatica Data as a Service's cloud architecture processes millions of transactions daily, making it a proven solution that global businesses can trust. For added value, our solutions integrate with leading marketing and sales automation platforms.

Contact Data Verification in Marketo

Ensure all your contact data in Marketo is accurate Contact Data Verification services from Informatica.

Contact Data Verification in Salesforce

Ensure all your contact data in Salesforce is accurate with contact data verification services from Informatica.

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The Business Case for Contact Data Verification



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Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Informatica Contact Data Verification

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