Data democratization: Trusted data for everyone, everywhere

Deliver unprecedented agility to drive more business initiatives

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Why data democratization matters

Data democratization makes data available to everyone—technical and non-technical users alike. By rethinking how you distribute and consume data, you can save time, uncover more insights, and make better decisions.


How data democratization benefits your business

An easy-to-use data “shopping” experience empowers all knowledge workers in your organization

Broader, easier data access
Find out just how fast you can deliver trusted data to all of your data consumers
Greater trust in data and decisions
Deliver data that can be trusted due to its measurable and visible level of quality.
Increase data literacy and understanding
Make data a second language throughout your organization—and ensure everyone knows how to speak it
Increase efficiency and productivity
An automated, intelligent data marketplace enables empowered self-service and drives value creation.


UNC Health enabled self-service analytics to deliver a coordinated response to COVID-19

“Having the right tools to enhance data governance really helped our health system understand the impacts of COVID-19, and provide clear and concise information to help facilitate decision-making..” 

Rachini Ahmadi-Moosavi

Executive Director of Analytical Services and Data Governance, UNC Health


Bring awareness of patient screening results for COVID-19 and the demand for medical resource needs to aid executive decision-making


Build a new data warehouse to provide data for analytics and executive dashboards


Delivered the first executive dashboard in a weekend, enabling the health system to being to assess and manage resources for the COVID-19 pandemic. Ten other dashboards were released within two weeks.
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The Data Governance and Privacy Leadership Forum

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