Clinical Software Company

This clinical software company provides the world’s most used platform for clinical development, commercial, and real-world data. Powered by artificial intelligence and developed by a team of life science experts, data scientists, and former FDA reviewers, the company’s platform helps pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies, and academic researchers accelerate value, minimize risk, and optimize outcomes. The company serves more than 1,000 customers and partners worldwide, and empowers more than 100,000 certified users every day to create hope for millions of patients. 

“Our partnership with Informatica helped us focus on what’s important: to become more agile and innovation-driven.”

Senior Director

Business Innovation, Clinical Software Company
Business Need
  • Eliminate legacy research data silos and unify corporate information
  • Design a data platform that can flex and scale to support future growth
  • Unify IT systems to create a single source of research data truth
  • Exploit master data throughout the organization for more efficient operations
  • Replace legacy infrastructure with cloud systems and SaaS applications to increase operational efficiency
  • Standardize approach to data integration and eliminate reliance on third parties
Solutions & Results
  • Link SaaS applications using Informatica Cloud Application Integration on AWS
  • Consolidate data into a central warehouse on Amazon Redshift, and create a holistic enterprise view with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and AWS
  • Increased time saved during integrations by 40%, allowing IT team to focus on other priorities
  • Manage the flow of clinical research data in and out of applications with Informatica SaaS plugins
  • Strengthened corporate agility and innovation, propelling 18% year-over-year growth
  • Reduced the cost of major IT implementations by 50%
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Products & Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a next generation iPaaS, which is made up of a growing number of data management products. The productivity of the environment is accelerated by a common user experience across all products, the AI/ML-driven intelligence of the CLAIRE™ engine, and a microservices architecture.

Cloud Data Integration

Codeless, optimized integration to hundreds of applications and data sources across on-premises and cloud.

Informatica Cloud Application Integration

Accelerate your business, drive innovation, and create efficiencies by intelligently connecting any app, any data, anywhere, at any speed.

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