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“AddressDoctor is a partner. We work together to figure out the best solutions to our needs. They are extremely responsive and being able to communicate with the same people each time is essential.”

Nancy Rybeck

Global Data Warehouse Architect, Emerson
Business Need
  • Emerson needed an address verification system that would cover their expansive list of countries and native character sets.
  • Provide superior customer support and be simple and cost-effective to implement and manage.
  • Struggle to integrate sales data and customer activity information from multiple locations.
  • Existing address verification systems unable to manage language barriers and non-standardized address formats—a major obstacle in dealing with international address validation.
  • Reliance on time and labor-intensive approach to correcting the 1.5 million customer names and addresses from business units all over the world.
Solutions & Results
  • Covered more countries in more languages than any other address verification tool.
  • Effective in finding potential mistakes in addresses.
  • Cheaper, faster and easier to implement than alternative address validation solutions.
  • Deduplication clustering feature enabled company to merge and manage data better.
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Products & Services

AddressDoctor Web Services and Deduplication Engine

Address verification solution compare address data to the most up-to-date and complete postal reference data. Includes parsing, transliteration, formatting and enrichment.

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