KnowledgeBase Marketing

KnowledgeBase Marketing (KBM) is a marketing data product compiler providing numerous products, including the AmeriLINK National Consumer Database, that helps KBM’s clients quantify market potential and target prospects who are likely to become high-value customers.

“The matching engine from Informatica is the key component for migrating toward this master data management paradigm. By providing the means for generating unique identifiers while providing the high-precision matching, new records imported into the environment can be resolved against the master registry and quickly linked to all instances across the collection of supplied customer data.”

Brian Camp

Senior Vice President, KnowledgeBase Marketing
Business Need
  • Consumer name and address information must be consolidated into a single customer view, which is the sole source of truth used in the AmeriLINK database.
  • Because its client base targets older individuals who need to buy their own health insurance, KBM’s data products must be of high quality where age information is relevant.
  • Create master identity repository.
  • Lower maintenance costs while increasing throughput.
  • Eliminate duplicate records.
Solutions & Results
  • Enabled high-volume, highly accurate identity data searches and matches.
  • Connected data across multiple data sets simultaneously.
  • Embedded search-and-match capability directly into KBM's applications.

Products & Services

Informatica Identity Resolution

Increases operational efficiency and effectiveness with highly accurate, multilanguage identity data.

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