Saxo Bank

  Saxo Bank is an investment bank specialising in online trading and investments. The Bank enables clients to trade currencies, stocks, futures and other derivatives via its online trading platforms, the Saxo Web Trader, the Saxo Trader and the Saxo Mobile Trader.

“The Informatica Ultra Messaging layer provides Saxo Bank with the flexibility, application independence, network independence, and raw performance the Bank needs. This low latency solution enables Saxo Bank to take on more business, provide a more agile, responsive service to clients and enable the Bank to make more informed decisions about its risk exposure.”

Michael André

Chief Technology Officer, Saxo Bank
Business Need
  • Manage explosive growth of trading data.
  • Provide faster, higher-value client service.
  • Reduce transaction costs.
  • Take control of message volume growth.
  • Guarantee timely delivery of data.
  • Introduce horizontal scaling and ultra-low latency during core transaction phase of trade management.
Solutions & Results
  • Allowed bank to provide competitive, and appealing streaming prices for a more agile, responsive service to clients.
  • Enabled bank to move into other sophisticated trading services.
  • Reduced Bank's hardware costs.
  • Ensured timely, informed decisions about risk exposure.
  • Ensured high throughput with parallel use of commodity hardware.

Products & Services

Edge Data Streaming

Efficiently manage all forms of streaming data so you can analyze and act on it while it's still fresh and relevant.

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