AmerisourceBergen is a pharmaceutical services company formed by the merger of Bergen Brunswig and AmeriSource in 2001. With 22,000 associates in more than 150 offices in over 50 countries, the company is a global leader in pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services, serving both healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


"By working with Informatica, we’ve been able to break down barriers and scale to new heights in protecting and gaining value from our customer data"

-Arvin Bansal, Director Cyber Governance, Strategy & Risk, AmerisourceBergen



Business Need

Integrate data management and analytics with highly accurate data masking

Automate existing manual processes for test data provisioning

Achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance on a global scale



Unify business processes and data from more than 14 autonomously operated business units to “act as one” company and enhance the customer experience

Create a data management foundation for growth with improved analysis and reporting while enabling self-service analytics for all business stakeholders

Protect sensitive customer data and fulfill healthcare privacy mandates such as HIPAA and HITECH, while meeting new requirements such as GDPR and CCPA


Solutions & Results

Helps provide a consistent and connected user and customer experience by integrating data from all lines of business, helping create opportunities for growth

Accelerates delivery of analytics services to business units while reducing risk through improved efficiency in auditing and reporting

Makes data safe for analytics and application development while preparing for CCPA and GDPR and saving time for security and database teams


Products & Services

Dynamic Data Masking

Dynamically mask sensitive production data from unauthorized access and permanently and irreversibly mask nonproduction data.

Test Data Management

Securely provisions test and development data by automating data masking, data subsetting, and test data-generation capabilities.

Success Stories

Independence Health Group

Putting Privacy First: Independence Health Masks Data to Protect Millions of Insureds

EMC Insurance Companies

EMC Insurance utilizes Informatica Data Privacy Management for a full scope of visibility into sensitive data