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Optimize your data management with joint solutions from Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Tableau.


Informatica addresses your data management challenges by working to quickly get you up and running with new cost-effective data services, rapidly connect them to any data source, and scale your solution as your needs grow. Whether you are lifting and shifting your entire data center to a cloud data warehouse, delivering big data insights to analytics dashboards, or anything in between, you can be confident that you are working with clean, secure, connected data, regardless of its source.



Amazon Web Services

Unleash the power of AWS with connected, trusted, meaningful data from cloud and on-premises sources.


Streamline data ingestion and preparation to accelerate analytics and machine learning initiatives.

Google Cloud Platform

Power business innovation by delivering, managing, and synchronizing connected, trusted data.

Microsoft Azure

Embrace digital transformation in a multi-cloud world with data management solutions for Microsoft.


Integrate and manage data from on-premises and cloud applications with Salesforce.


Unleash the power of trusted, timely, data-driven decisions with cloud agility and scale.


Ensure insights from Tableau pull from accurate and trusted data across all cloud and on-premises sources.

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