Avis Budget Group

Avis Budget Group is the American parent company of Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, Budget Truck Rental, Payless Car Rental, Apex Car Rentals, Maggiore Group, and Zipcar. Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, Avis Budget Group has 30,000 employees and operates in 180 countries.

“Informatica lets us use real-time data to optimize fleet management and telematics so that we can save money and drive our bottom line.”

— Christopher Cerruto - VP of Global Enterprise Architecture and Analytics, Avis Budget Group.


Business Need

Execute full-scale production pilots in short timeframe to keep pace with industry

Accommodate thousands of fields of sensor data per vehicle in real time

Scale quickly and onboard new IoT devices rapidly as technology evolves



Connect a massive fleet of 650,000 vehicles in real time and with a complete global view to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive revenue

Reduce business risk by profiling and governing telematics data from vehicle GPS and navigation systems and uncovering data quality issues early

Document core assets such as fleet and telematics data while capturing business context from subject matter experts


Solutions & Results

Deploy Informatica solutions on AWS to operationalize data and perform real-time analytics as part of a next-generation platform

Leverage Informatica Data Engineering Integration to enable faster, flexible, and repeatable big data ingestion and integration

Organize fleet and telematics data using Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog to provide visibility into data location, lineage, and business context

Supports global vehicle analytics with an end-to-end data pipeline, giving fleet managers faster access to track vehicles in real time

Mitigates risk by improving data quality and governance, helping to ensure that fleet data is complete and in the right format

Increases productivity by enabling business users to search for, locate, and understand data assets on their own, with a line of sight into data lineage


Products & Services

Informatica Enterprise Data Preparation

Prepare and operationalize big data for faster trusted insights.

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

An AI-powered data catalog that lets you classify and organize data assets across any environment to maximize data value and reuse.

Informatica Axon Data Governance

Power collaboration, enable regulatory compliance and deliver trusted data to fuel all of your business initiatives.

Data Engineering Integration

Enable faster, flexible, and repeatable big data ingestion and integration.

Data Engineering Quality

Deliver fit-for-purpose big data with scalable, role-based data quality.

Success Stories


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