British Telecom


British Telecom (BT) is the major provider of telecommunications networks and services in the UK. With over 1 million customers, BT Business handles the diverse communications needs--telephone, broadband, fiber security, cloud, etc.—of a wide range of companies.

“Data is key to us. It’s vital that we have visibility into the bids and a consolidated view. We needed a single Salesforce dashboard for bids, and effectively went from a two week manual process to a daily automated feed, which was a significant change, and the feedback has been tremendous.”

Chris Hammond, Project Director, BT Business


Business Need

Streamline and accelerate executive decisions by unifying reporting across nine Salesforce instances deployed across multiple business units.



The manual process of bringing data in from multiple sources left executives with delayed and insufficient insights into high bid opportunities.

Loading and extraction of crucial sales data, including win/loss reports, prospect management and contract information between flat files and Salesforce.

14 day process to develop code necessary to transfer and transform data.

All data to go into one org for single BT Business wide dashboard


Solutions & Results

Consolidate bid reporting into a single Salesforce dashboard.

Turn a manual process that previously took two weeks and considerable development into an automated daily feed.

Provide bid data at the exact moment it is needed.

Automation of data feeds, data retention policies, housekeeping, etc.


Products & Services

Informatica Cloud

A family of cloud data integration solutions specifically designed to help SaaS application and platform customers integrate cloud-based data with the data residing in on-premise databases and systems or between cloud applications.

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