Independence Health Group

Serving more than 8 million people nationwide and nearly 2.5 million in the Philadelphia region, Independence Health Group is a leading health insurance company that helps people lead healthier lives. Both AmeriHealth Administrators and Independence Blue Cross fall under the umbrella of Independence Health Group.

“The future of healthcare is pretty plain: at some point, data masking will be required. With Informatica Dynamic Data Masking, we’re ahead of the curve.”

— Gary Morreale, Director, Data Services, Independence Health Group


Business Need

Use the same data for masked and non-masked requirements

Avoid passing encryption keys from every application or connection

Set rules for different IDs to determine if and how masking is applied



Safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) for 8.3 million insureds to protect customers and avoid the high cost of healthcare data breaches

Allow on- and off-shore developers to test applications using real data, but with sensitive and/or personally identifiable information obfuscated

Create value by opening up data for safe collaboration with outside data processing partners


Solutions & Results

Use Informatica Dynamic Data Masking to de-identify data, anonymizing member names, birthdates, social security numbers, and other sensitive data in real time

Improves data privacy and security for individuals and families, boosting customer loyalty, trust, and retention while helping protect the bottom line

Apply data masking in structured, non-production environments first, including a Teradata data warehouse and Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases

Empowers developers to quickly build and test high-quality applications without the risk of unauthorized data access

Mask data when partnering with other organizations that provide healthcare data services but will not accept production data in their non-production systems

Makes data safe for use outside the organization, including collaboration on data processing


Products & Services

Dynamic Data Masking

Dynamically mask sensitive production data from unauthorized access and permanently and irreversibly mask nonproduction data.

Success Stories

EMC Insurance Companies

EMC Insurance utilizes Informatica Data Privacy Management for a full scope of visibility into sensitive data


CHRISTUS Health uses an enterprise information management system to efficiently capture, normalize, and interrogate data