RAE Systems

RAE Systems is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas detection systems that enable real-time safety and security threat detection.

“By integrating our Oracle E-Business Suite ERP system with salesforce.com, Informatica Cloud Services enabled RAE Systems to respond more quickly to the Gulf oil spill. Our teams were able to complete service orders and get parts shipped significantly more quickly to the Gulf. That's helped to protect people, wildlife, and property there.”

Lien Chen

Director of Corporate IT, RAE Systems
Business Need
  • Enable the organization to respond quickly and accurately to repair service orders arising from the Gulf oil spill disaster in 2010.
  • Provide rapid, low-cost integration with minimal IT support following deployment.
  • Automate quotes and orders integration between salesforce.com and Oracle E-Business Suite R12
  • Eliminate the manual, duplicate service order management process between CRM and ERP systems.
Solutions & Results
  • Managed and executed all orders for RAE Systems’ gas detection systems for Gulf clean-up operation.
  • Enabled 360-degree visibility into the automated service order management process for service teams.
  • Reduced expense and risk compared with appliance-based and on-premise integration solutions.
  • Enabled RAE Systems to redirect focus of customer service personnel from order entry into dealing with service case requests.
  • Accelerated customer order creation by automating distributor discounts, shipments and invoicing processes.

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