CVS Health

CVS Health is a diversified health services company with nearly 300,000 employees and 9,900 pharmacy locations across all 50 U.S. states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Built on a foundation of community presence, CVS Health operates an integrated model that includes CVS Caremark (pharmacy benefits), Aetna (health insurance), CVS Pharmacy, and innovative HealthHUB clinics.

“In the past, it took 6 months to generate files that are used for client reporting that can now be done in 2-3 days—a 95% reduction in manual effort to analyze data—allowing us to expand the scope of our project effort for critical clinical operations.”

Joseph Fagnoni

Executive Advisor, Data & Analytics, CVS Health
  • Make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and seamless across all channels
  • Bolster trust with stakeholders, clients, and members by providing clean, trusted data
  • Improve scalability of data processes to reduce costs and increase organizational agility
Solutions & Results
  • Migrate legacy systems and prepare data sources for cloud computing environments
  • Implement systematic quality controls that remove human error and mitigate risk
  • Deliver reports in 2-3 days instead of 6 months, a 95% reduction in manual effort
  • Automate file monitoring and data quality checks with Informatica Data Quality
  • Serve members faster by processing millions of benefits updates each month
  • Reduce potential data processing errors by 99%
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Products & Services

Informatica Data Quality

Deliver clean, trusted data so all your projects meet your business objectives, regardless of the size, format, or platform of your data.