Data Masking

민감하고 개인적인 기밀 정보에 대한 무단 액세스 및 이러한 데이터의 공개를 방지합니다.


Key Features

지원, 분석, 테스트 또는 아웃소싱에 사용할 때 민감한 정보가 익명으로 처리되도록 데이터를 식별 불가능하게 만들고 민감한 정보를 제거할 수 있습니다.

Precision for data privacy laws

Combinations of personal, health, or credit information can be anonymized to comply with complex cross-border privacy laws and regulations.

Powerful masking and encryption capabilities

A range of masking and encryption functions are repeatable across systems to ensure business processes are reliable and precise. Format preservation during encryption ensures that the application data model can stay the same.


Dynamic data masking’s high-speed engine ensures no impact on user throughput. Persistent data masking can scale to mask terabytes of data for large test, outsourcing, or analytic projects.

Role-based masking

Based on role and location, dynamic data masking accommodates data security and privacy policies that vary based on users’ locations (e.g., accessing data in the U.S. vs. Switzerland).

Data connectivity

Informatica has developed comprehensive integrations and connectors with its long-term heritage in data integration and management.

Monitoring and compliance reporting

Data security and privacy professionals can validate that identified sensitive data has been masked to meet security and privacy policies.

고객 성공 사례

Hot Telecommunications

Hot Telecommunication quickly gained compliance with regulations and accelerated development of telecom solutions

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