CX Perspectives with Blake and David

Explore the intersection of data and customer experience

Welcome to CX Perspectives featuring Blake Morgan, author of “The Customer of the Future,” and David Corrigan, Vice President Products, Customer Insights at Informatica. Blake and David work with organizations to build CX programs that rely on data, insights, and AI. Come on a CX journey with us!

Get to Know Blake and David

As customer experience gurus, Blake and David are always on the lookout for new customer-centric trends and tech. Listen to the first CX Perspectives webinar as they discuss why competing on customer experience is more critical than ever before, then continue the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Modern Customer Podcasts

Listen in as Blake Morgan hosts customer experience innovators and digs into CX trends, industry insights, and new ways to use enterprise data.  

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Sri Mishra, Chief Data and Technology Officer at JDRF International, discusses the role of CX and data at non-profits.


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