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Our webinars offer a new perspective on the trends that are shaping today’s business world—and the data management strategies making it all happen. Hear real-world success stories from customers, dive deep into demos, and get insights from industry experts on the strategies and topics you’re most interested in, from cloud migration and data warehouse modernization best practices to improving customer experience, data governance, API management, and more.

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Jefferson Denti - Analytics & Cognitive Partner, Deloitte S-LATAM
Claudia Gomez Mendoza - Data Management Practice Leader, Deloitte
Carlos Labanda - Analytics & Cognitive Partner, Deloitte S-LATAM
Emilio Valdes - VP Sales, Southern Europe, Informatica
Anil Datar – Senior Director, Global Technical Alliances, Informatica
Nansi Stretcher - Global Account Director, Informatica

November 24, 2020

The world has changed. Economies shuttered by the pandemic are now trying to restart. Those who’ve been able to keep operating are working in different ways.




Fiona Critchley, Global I&D Portfolio Lead Data Foundations & Data Estate Modernization | APAC I&D Portfolio Lead AI & data Engineering, Capgemini
Preetam Kumar, Product Marketing Manager - Cloud Mass Ingestion, Data Engineering Streaming & Enterprise Data Preparation, Informatica

November 24, 2020

The world has changed. Economies shuttered by the pandemic are now trying to restart. Those who’ve been able to keep operating are working in different ways.




Kobi Gol, Director of Product Management, Informatica

November 25, 2020

Replacing the “hairball” of point-to-point data integrations with a more resilient architecture that bridges cloud and on-premises systems is key to success, whether you’re launching a new cloud data integration project or modernizing an existing cloud integration investment.




Jacqueline Wannee, Data Governance Lead, KPN
Jim Stolze, Moderator & Initiator The National AI Course
Mark Oude Nijhuis, Director Data Governance – Informatica
Lars Platzek, Data Governance Lead Insights & Data – Capgemini

November 26, 2020

Join fellow data professionals and learn from Jacqueline Wannee, Data Governance Lead at KPN how they have put data in control in order to comply with regulations, optimize operations & drive faster innovations through AI & ML.




Rodrigo Sanchez Bredee, Senior Director of Product Management, Informatica
Marc Beierschoder, Offering Leader, Analytics & Cognitive, Partner, Deloitte
Yousef Barkawie, Partner, Consulting, Middle East United Arab Emirates, Deloitte
Simon Hildesley, Director Sales Engineering EMEA at Snowflake

November 26, 2020

Unleash the power of trusted, intelligent, data-driven decisions. Learn how you can enable your organization to be a data disruptor.


Wayne Eckerson, President, Eckerson Group
John Haddad, Vice President, Informatica

December 1, 2020

The success of data-driven digital transformation increasingly depends on developing and implementing an effective cloud data management strategy.




Preetam Kumar, Product Marketing Manager, Informatica
Vishwa Belur, Director Product Management, Data Engineering Streaming and Cloud Mass Ingestion, Informatica
Xiang Chen, Chief/Senior Data Architect, IT, University of New Orleans

December 8, 2020

Driving digital transformation by moving enterprise workloads to the cloud means ingesting data from multiple siloed sources, including relational databases, into your cloud data warehouse.




Gary Patterson, Sr. Director Product Management for Data Privacy and Protection, Informatica
Nathan Turajski, Sr. Director Product Marketing for data Privacy and Protection, Informatica

December 10, 2020

A trustworthy, scalable data privacy program depends on meaningful insights into risk exposure. 




Stefan Reinhardt, Director, Product Management, Informatica
Daniel Walter, Principal Product Manager, Informatica

December 15, 2020

Trying to transform your digital capabilities to meet changing market trends and customer expectations? Then you’ll want to learn how we’ve enhanced Informatica MDM – Product 360 to help you deliver more effective product content to customers across more digital channels.




Mickey Hoter, Principal Product Manager, Informatica
Joel Fernandes, Product Marketing Manager, Informatica

December 9, 2020

Electronic data interchange (EDI) with retail or manufacturing trading partners is  essential to staying competitive in today’s ever-changing trade environment. If you want to manage your B2B communications at the speed of today’s business, it’s time to replace your traditional on-premises EDI solution with cloud-based EDI services.




Thomas Brence, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Informatica
Roberta Pape, Director, Data Governance, McGraw-Hill Education

December 17, 2020

Users need trusted data – which is accessible, understandable, and high-quality – to deliver consistently trustworthy data-driven decisions. Find out how a leading educational publisher is tackling this challenge with a center of excellence for data quality, governance, and analytics.


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