Intelligent Data Management Cloud consumption-based pricing

Accelerate cloud data management with simple, flexible Informatica Processing Unit (IPU) pricing.

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Simpler pricing, so you can focus on your business

With IPU pricing, you buy capacity on an IPU and/or Flex IPU consumption model to use across a range of our industry-leading cloud services. You’re free to innovate and rapidly onboard new capabilities—without worrying about connectivity or cost.

Get access to all Intelligent Cloud Services and dynamically scale usage up or down to fit your needs.

How IPU pricing helps your cloud modernization

Optimize your cloud costs more easily
Manage costs with simple pricing and transparent usage tracking. Create a FinOps culture with cost insights and departmental chargebacks.
Meet any cloud data management demand
Use any capability you need across a range of cloud services with interchangeable IPUs—from mass ingestion to data quality to application integration—and more.
Gain the agility to grow and innovate
Start small and grow as your data management needs change. Try out new services to quickly adapt to changes while saving on costs as your consumption increases.

Note: IPU pricing excludes master data management (MDM) capabilities; volume-tier progressive pricing is available for MDM

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How does IPU pricing work?

Pre-paid subscription

An IPU is a unit of capacity. You buy capacity in advance using an IPU and/or Flex IPU consumption model and subscribe to receive that capacity.

Volume-based discounts

You can achieve significant cost savings as your consumption increases. 

Access to a range of cloud services

You’re free to choose whatever integration and quality services you need. Scale usage of any service up or down as long as you stay within your subscription capacity.

How do I know how much I need?

You can leverage the usage dashboard to track your usage and plan ahead, or reach out to us to estimate your initial needs.

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