Flexible, consumption-
based pricing

Informatica consumption pricing enables you to pay for what you need now and scale for the future.

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Informatica AI-powered data management cloud saves you time and money

Get access to multiple data management services and maximize your spend at the time of purchase, and during utilization and implementation.

“The IPU (Informatica Pricing Units) pricing model has given us room to grow and be more flexible in the future, allowing us to test new applications and address different use cases with ease. The fact that we can take advantage of so many modules within the Informatica platform has made our transition to the cloud even more rewarding.”

Moninder Manic

Senior Manager, Yamaha Motor

Volume-based pricing

Benefit from leveraging the full breadth of Informatica services as you scale to support additional use cases.

AI-powered optimization

Informatica AI engine, CLAIRE, helps optimize costs with enhanced performance for hyperscalers and ecosystems.

Pay for what you need

Only pay for the services you require now, swap for new services as needed and track usage to maximize ROI (FinOps).

Lower total cost of ownership

Reduce your training, maintenance and procurement costs with multiple services working together on one platform.

Informatica cost-saving advantage


average ROI


million savings in maintenance and administration


million direct cost savings

For More Details See the Nucleus Research ROI Guidebook

Frequently asked questions

Informatica Pricing Units (IPUs) give customers access to all eligible cloud services listed in the Cloud and Product Description Schedule. They can also access all Informatica master data management on a per-domain records basis.

IPU consumption is calculated per scaler, based on the scaler's usage including Secure Agent, CDI-e, Data Mass Ingestion volume and more. Details on how each scaler is measured can be found in Informatica Measurement Guide.

The Intelligent Data Management Cloud administrator can control which user has access to each service, monitor usage via a dashboard, and set consumption threshold alerts to ensure cost containment.

It is expected that all eligible new services will be included in the Intelligent Data Management Cloud and will be automatically activated for customers once released.

Usage is tracked automatically within the product. A dashboard is available within the platform for customers to view their own usage in real time. Additionally, alerts are sent when specific usage thresholds are reached.

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